Penny und Leonard 2.0

Leonard and Sheldon are going up the staircase. Sheldon is teaching him about reptiles, while Leonard wishes to figure out what they're having for dinner. Sheldon's package, a cardboard cutout of Mr. Spock, awaits him in front of the door. Leonard goes over to Penny's and asks her out on a date. Bernadette and Amy are also visiting Penny. They're both supposed to help her choose an outfit, but their tastes are different.. Penny is nervous, but she talks herself into believing that they can deal with each other in a completely normal way.

During that time, the boys are playing Settlers of Catan. . Sheldon is making suggestive comments, though he doesn't realize it. Leonard comes in and asks for their opinion about his clothes. Sheldon points out that he only likes Penny because she is the opposite of his domineering mother. Leonard calls that nonsense and leaves.

In the restaurant, Leonard and Penny are acting as if this were their first date. They are telling each other about their lives and getting along very well. Then Leonard rushes ahead and asks if they're getting back together. Penny is reluctant and as a result she and Leonard get in a fight.

The boys are still playing the game in the apartment. They are surprised by Leonard's early return. One can hear him when he goes to scream in his room.

At night, he is awakened by a text from Penny and he goes out the door. She is expecting him there, and kisses him immediately. He is confused and Penny takes him with her into her apartment. After they are both lying in bed, they talk about what is going on. They decide to keep their relationship secret for the time being.

But when Leonard comes back to the flat and meets Sheldon, he threatens to bust him. But he quickly invents a hair-raising story that paralyzes even Sheldon.

The whole crew wants to go eat at the Cheesecake-Factory. Everyone feels bad that it didn't work out between Leonard and Penny. When Penny comes to the table, she gets into a fight with Leonard and leaves. At night, Leonard gets another text message and walks over to Penny. She makes him explain why he behaved like that at the restaurant. Then they go back to sleep at Penny's.

The next day, Leonard asks Penny for another date. She is once again together with Amy and Bernadette, facing the difficult choice of clothes. When she dreams she is marrying Leonard while heavily pregnant, she decides to drive quickly to the drugstore before the date.