Probewohnen bei Muttern

Everyone is sitting in the apartment eating. Howard and Bernadette want to leave for a movie. Raj is allowed to come along, and Sheldon would like to go to the model train store and wants a ride. Amy and Leonard stay behind. Leonard would like to get rid of her, but Amy stays behind sitting on the sofa and reading a magazine while he works.

When he looks over at Amy, she sits there as if petrified. She claims to be reflecting on what she's read. She says she feels comfortable in the apartment.

Meanwhile, Howard and Bernadette get into an argument in the car. He assumes that she's moving into his mother's house after the wedding. Bernadette, however, does not want this whatsoever. She wants to go home right away.

Leonard comes out of the shower and sees Amy still sitting on the sofa. She is paging through his yearbook and commenting on her own book, in which only her mother wrote. Leonard comes back and rants about the event in the model train store. Amy asks Leonard to accompany her to a wedding, since the last time Sheldon didn't behave well.

Bernadette rings Howard's doorbell and would like to speak with him once more about the living situation. Howard proposes a trial move-in over the weekend, in order to test how it would go.

Sheldon is completely fascinated by his new model train. Penny observes this very skeptically. Meanwhile, Amy does her makeup for the wedding. Amy gives Leonard the corsage which she bought for herself.

Amy and Leonard sit at the table, at the wedding, and chat with each other. Amy makes him aware that he is not entertaining company. She manages to get him to the dance floor. Leonard is not a good dancer, but because the Chicken Dance is played right away, he can't go wrong.

Bernadette spends the weekend at Howard's. But she is hardly enthusiastic about his mother and her behavior.

Amy drags Leonard up the stairs. He has injured himself on the dancefloor and can hardly walk. She brings him to the door and then knocks at Penny's. She thinks that Leonard has fallen in love with her. Because she definitely does not love him, she has to rebuff him. She decides to say this to him first thing the next day.

Sheldon asks the next morning how the wedding was. He had fun with his new train set. While Leonard reports how nice the party with Amy was, Sheldon responds with unusual jealousy.

Bernadette brings Howard his breakfast He asks how she and his mother are getting along. She thinks that they are very different, however they both bellow at each other throughout the house similarly. Bernadette goes into the kitchen to fetch Howard butter for the pancakes. Howard stays behind and wonders if he now has to cut these up alone.