Zwei komische Vögel

Penny and Leonard go up the staircase together. They are talking about plans for the evening and Penny asks him if he would like to accompany her to the movies. Outside the apartment, they already hear Sheldon shouting. As they come in, Sheldon points at a blue jay, which is sitting outside on the window sill. Sheldon is scared and wants the bird to disappear. He closes the curtains, but the bird begins to screech.

Sheldon now tries to shoo the bird away with cat noises. He asks Leonard to make hawk sounds. Leonard has dressed up for the date with Penny and asks Sheldon for his opinion. He does not want it to look like a date if it isn't one.

Sheldon calls animal control and reports the bird as a dangerous predator But he is only mocked. Leonard has changed in the meantime and is now wearing a cap and shirt.

Penny and Leonard arrive at the cinema. In the end, Leonard is wearing his everyday clothes. However, while choosing the movie, the two of them start fighting Leonard wants to see a documentary about a dam, Penny a romantic movie. Penny finally gives in. Leonard says since this isn't a date, Penny should pay for herself.

The other boys have gathered in the apartment to watch Star Wars. But Sheldon is still distracted by the bird. He wants to install a high frequency generator to drive it away Because Raj doesn't understand the problem, Sheldon tries to explain to him why he doesn't like birds He activates the generator and his whole window shatters, but the bird remains sitting.

Penny and Leonard go get something to eat after the cinema. Leonard gets snacks, while Penny finds a place to sit. Since they are not on a date, Leonard asks Penny for money again. She starts a conversation with a man at the neighbouring table. When Leonard comes back, Penny makes clear that they are not on a date and keeps talking with the man.

In the apartment, Sheldon cannot rest. He gets a broom to shoo the bird away. However, as he opens the window, the bird flies into the apartment and sits on Sheldon's spot.

By now Penny is sitting with the man at the table and is neglecting Leonard. He doesn't want to let them enjoy it and Penny suggests that he should look for a date himself.

Sheldon calls Amy and Bernadette for help. Bernadette takes the bird on her hand. The girls get Sheldon to pet the bird.

Meanwhile Leonard has found a lady, with whom he makes conversation. When Penny's date has left, she wants to talk to Leonard again. However, he has lost interest. Penny wants to ruin his date with spicy details. They begin to insult each other. Finally they go home.

Sheldon now has the bird sitting on his arm. He is enthusiastic and wants to keep it. However, when Sheldon goes to the window the bird suddenly flies away.

Penny and Leonard come back. They apologize to each other. Penny admits that she is impressed by Leonard's new side. Leonard gets hopeful, but Penny leaves him standing.

When he wants to tell Sheldon about it, he shows him a little egg and tells him that he will be a mommy soon.