Falscher Ort, falsche Frage

Howard is sitting in his laboratory, when NASA calls. His mission is to be called off due to a problem. Howard pretends to be disappointed, but the call is barely finished when he goes wild with joy. Now he thinks that he will die a natural death.

The boys are in a clothing store trying on tuxedos. Howard now has the official cancellation for his flight into space. He is somewhat disappointed, but the others tell him encouragingly that it is for the better. Sheldon comes out of the changing room, having found a tuxedo that he can wear over his one-piece underwear.

Leonard knocks on Penny's door, and he has a bottle with him. They try out the gas, which causes their voices to become deeper. They begin kissing and finally land on the bed.

Sheldon visits Amy on their planned date night. Sheldon is surprised that it is at her house, but Amy has something for him. Wishing to intensify his feelings for her, she intends to transfer his enthusiasm for certain things onto herself. Amy tries this with Super Mario music, strawberry milk, and spaghetti with cut-up ​​hot dog slices. Sheldon is beside himself with joy.

Penny storms out of the bedroom, and Leonard runs after her in a bathrobe while apologizing. He has proposed to Penny. Penny wants their relationship to proceed slowly, and wants to hear nothing of this proposal. Leonard tries to laugh it off, but he fails and leaves.

Howard wants to rehearse a routine from Dirty Dancing with Bernadette for the wedding dance. He is happy about the NASA cancellation. But then he gets a call that the planned mission is now taking place after all. However, it will now be brought forward and will take place two days before Howard and Bernadette's wedding. Howard wants to decline the mission, but Bernadette encourages him to fly anyway.

Bernadette proposes postponing the wedding, but is worried what her father will say about this. Howard says that he'll talk to him in the hope that Bernadette's father will urge him to cancel the flight.

Sheldon pours his heart out to Leonard during chess. It scares him that Amy's actions are causing him to like her. He is even dreaming of her image. He doesn't know what he should do.

Howard is looking for Bernadette's father. He wants to talk to him about the postponement of the wedding, but he's noticeably afraid of him. When Howard tells him about his problem, Bernadette's father confesses that he doesn't really like him. However, ever since the planned flight into space, he considers him the right man for Bernadette. Howard should fly and make him proud.

Leonard meets Penny in the hallway. Penny finally gives him the answer to his proposal: No! . However, they are still a couple. Leonard is relieved about their reconciliation.

As they burst into the shared flat, they catch Amy and Sheldon playing doctor. However, their game is entirely in a Star Trek manner.