Der Seuchensessel

Leonard prepares for a date via Skype with Priya. Since he has dinner and Priya has breakfast in India, Sheldon makes fun of the name of their date. He would also like to induce Leonard to take up a hobby, since he seems to cling to the long distance relationship more than his girlfriend. When Priya calls, Sheldon goes over to Penny. There he sits down in her chair and asks for tea and biscuits. He greatly appreciates the comfort of her armchair. But when he learns that she got the chair from the garbage, Sheldon panics. He wants to shower in her bathroom, but when he discoveres a band-aid there, he immediately leaves the apartment.

Raj, Howard and Leonard are in the lab testing a new machine with which they prepare their food. Howard inquires about Leonard's relationship and asks if they have virtual sex. Sheldon barges in and wants Leonard to examine him for chair lice. Leonard tells him that he always exaggerates his problems.

Sheldon knocks on Penny's door and pesters her to dispose of the chair. Penny reassures him that she has had everything chemically cleaned. Sheldon examines the chair and sits down in it. But then, suddenly, thousands of bugs are crawling on his body ... Sheldon wakes up startled from his dream and runs over to Penny's. He wants the chair to go away. But Penny gives him the brush off.

Leonard skypes with Priya. He wants to follow Howard's advice and have cyber sex with Priya. But he finds it difficult from the start. Priya interrupts him and when she takes the matter in hand, the image freezes. Sheldon helps out from the next room.

Howard shows Leonard a new device in the laboratory, that is intended to help Leonard. A mouth which can transmit the motion of the lips. Raj and Howard begin smooching.

Amy examines and reports on Penny's armchair. Sheldon had asked her to talk Penny out of the chair. Penny finds it terrible that Amy is letting herself be roped in by Sheldon. Amy apologizes and sits in the armchair. She is then bitten by the chair, and when the two of them discover a bump on the chair's surface, they flee outside.

Leonard skypes with Priya again. But right when he wants to seduce her, she interrupts him. Her parents are sitting next to her.

In front of the house Raj and Howard discover Penny's armchair on the curb. If the chair were in the apartment, Raj wouldn't have to sit on the floor. On the spur of the moment, they take the chair with them upstairs, and one clearly sees the small bump moving on the rear surface.