Noch so ein Weichei

Howard, Raj and Leonard are sitting in the canteen. Howard excitedly says that Stephen Hawking will be visiting the City to give a couple of lectures. And this time Howard gets to perform maintenance work on his wheelchair. He even plans to take Sheldon along on a visit, since he positively idolizes Hawking. But Howard decides not to when Sheldon comes along and puts Howard down in front of the others.

Sheldon begs Howard to take him to Hawking. But Howard does not acquiesce because, in his opinion, Sheldon is too condescending. Finally he throws Sheldon out of the office.

In the evening, at the apartment, Howard tells his friends about his first visit with Hawking. Sheldon wants to make it clear to Howard how important the meeting is to him, but he makes no impression on [Howard]. When Sheldon asks him to pass his research paper on to Hawking so he can look it over, Howard gives in. In return, Sheldon is to perform a few tasks for him.

In the first place, Sheldon is expected to polish Howard's belt buckles. That requires a major effort from Sheldon, especially since Howard tells him that there are urine stains on some of the buckles. But Sheldon gets through it and surprises Howard. Next, Sheldon is supposed to come to the cafeteria in a maid costume. He does this too, to the delight of his colleagues.

Penny meets Sheldon in the laundry room, where he is doing Howard's laundry. He explains to her why he's doing it. She confirms that Howard is right about his often being condescending.

Bernadette is visiting Howard and he shows her a picture of Sheldon in costume. She would like Howard to stop annoying Sheldon. But when Howard's mother reminds her that she's supposed to go shopping with her, she explains that that is Sheldon's last task.

In fact, Sheldon goes shopping with Howard's mother. In the changing room, he even helps her stuff herself into a dress. When she whines about her figure, Sheldon is forced to hold her in his arms.

Howard is in the middle of giving Raj and Leonard some springs and screws from Hawking's wheelchair when Sheldon comes in. As a final task, he is supposed to compliment Howard about his work. Sheldon finds it difficult, but Howard takes it. He confesses to Sheldon that he already gave the paper to Hawking three days ago, and that he wants to meet him.

At the meeting with Hawking, he compliments Sheldon's paper. But he shows him an error in his calculations. Sheldon is irritated and checks this immediately. When he discovers the error, he faints, because he has presented this terrible error to Hawking of all people.