Die Mitbewohnervereinbarung

At night Sheldon comes into Leonard's room. He wants to do an emergency drill. Leonard is annoyed, but Sheldon persists. He should choose a scenario and react accordingly.

In the cafeteria, Howard shows Raj and Leonard a press release from NASA in which his name is mentioned. Raj draws his attention to the fact that Howard needs a nickname. But Howard says that the other astronauts have to give him one. Sheldon comes in and gives Leonard his score for the night's drill. Leonard wants to drive home and

sleep, but he is supposed to drive Sheldon to the dentist. Leonard does not want to, but according to the roommate agreement he is obliged to do it. He does not care anymore about the agreement and

he points to a clause that restricts their living arrangements to only what is necessary. Therefore, he is free of all duties.

At the dinner with the girls and Leonard, Howard reports that he was invited to a training at NASA. Among other things, he has to learn to go to the toilet in space. Sheldon arrives and wants Amy to drive him to the doctor the next day. But Amy cannot so Sheldon asks everybody in the circle, who can drive him there during the week. But no one wants to drive him over.

In the comic bookstore Stuart is talking. He makes small talk and asks him casually for a ride to the dentist. But Stuart also puts him off. Sheldon disappears, offended.

Raj is looking for a nickname for Howard. However, Howard is not thrilled. But the name? Rocketman? suits him. However, since the astronauts have to give him the name, Raj plans, at the next conversation with one of the astronauts, to play the music in the background. Sheldon enters and Leonard explains to him that he would take him to the doctor if Sheldon admits his lack of independence. But Sheldon refuses.

Pennys comes into the apartment, the power is out. While Leonard stays calm, Sheldon plans for an emergency. Leonard goes over to Penny's. There they drink wine and pop bubble wrap. Sheldon comes in and wants to lure Leonard into the apartment with marshmallows. But Leonard refuses. Penny has pity and sends him back to the apartment.

Leonard wants to make peace with Sheldon. Sheldon is simply supposed to show some gratitude for Leonard's deeds. Sheldon wants to introduce a "Leonard Day," on which, apart from a card, Leonard would not be granted any other privileges than usual.

The light comes back on and Penny tells them that, according to the caretaker, someone has screwed out the main fuse. Sheldon points out that without him, there would be no Leonard Day.

At home Howard shows Raj his new ringtone Rocketman . During his video conference Raj is supposed to call him. The trick works well and the astronaut is taken in, until Howard's mother screams in between and reminds him of his Fruit Loops. The astronaut then uses this as a nickname.