Die Beziehungsrahmenvereinbarung

The boys and Amy are at the comic book store. While Sheldon is thrilled, Amy is not very enthusiastic. For her, it is stupid and boring. Meanwhile, the other three talk about a pack of additional cards for their "Mystic Warlords of Ka'a" - game. Their commentary is bad, but ultimately all three decide to buy it. Stuart asks them if Amy is in a steady relationship; he would like to invite her out. Leonard intends to ask Sheldon if he is okay with it.

In the apartment Leonard speaks to Sheldon about it. Sheldon reacts uncertainly, after all Amy does not belong to him. Besides, he doesn't believe that Amy could find Stuart interesting.

The girls are at Penny's drinking wine. As they discuss the evening activities, Amy suggests Twister. Then she gets a text message from Stuart, who wants to meet with her over coffee. Bernadette and Penny dig deeper to see if she likes Stuart and encourage her to take the date.

Leonard wants to return something in the comic book store. There he and Sheldon found out that Stuart has gone out with Amy for coffee. Leonard asks Sheldon if he is OK. Sheldon doesn't let it show. Back in the apartment, the four of them are playing the new card game. Howard and Raj find out about Stuart's date with Amy and Howard forces it out of Sheldon. Sheldon is annoyed, and stresses that he doesn't care about it.

In the cafeteria the four are still talking about Stuart's date. When his friends try to point out to him that his date does bother him, Sheldon promptly unfriends the three of them on Facebook.

Sheldon knocks at Penny's, and asks for a date Penny sees through him and makes him realize that he will not get Amy back that way Sheldon misunderstands this and thinks that she is interested in him. But Penny remains firm. Sheldon needs to behave like a man and talk to Amy.

Amy and Stuart are sitting in the cinema. Sheldon suddenly sits down next to Amy. It bothers him that Amy is sitting in the dark with Stuart. He asks Amy whether she wants to be his girlfriend. When Amy agrees, Sheldon gives Stuart a dollar and wishes him a pleasant evening.

Later Sheldon knocks at Amy's and wants to talk to her He created a relationship agreement, that shows her the entire relationship with rights and duties.

Amy, Bernadette and Penny are playing Twister, while Penny is already quite tipsy with too much red wine Sheldon knocks on the door and whines that he has a splinter in his finger. According to their agreement, Amy must care for him. Bernadette stays behind, while Penny, who had fallen asleep on the Twister mat, wakes up only because the wine is empty.