Fruchtzwerg fliegt ins All

Howard's launch into orbit is imminent. He is sitting with his colleagues already in the rocket. The gang is sitting in the apartment and wishes to follow the launch on television. Meanwhile Bernadette is terribly afraid for Howard. The astronauts are still teasing Howard about his nickname: Fruit Loops. Howard tells them that he got married shortly before the wedding.

In Howard's room, he has a surprise for Bernadette: a small star pendant that he's taking with him into space and then bringing back to her. After that, the star will actually have been in space.

Bernadette does not want the wedding to wait until Howard's return, but there are only two more days until his departure. She proposes hosting a small ceremony with their closest friends, and holding the big celebration after Howard returns.

When they suggest this to their friends, Amy is angry. She had not imagined the wedding this way, after all she is the bridesmaid and maid of honor. They all set out for city hall to perform the wedding ceremony. Sheldon drops the bombshell that Leonard got a refusal from Penny. The others did not know about that yet, and are shocked.

Then it is announced that only three couples can be married. Bernadette is panic-stricken that the wedding will not take place now. At the Cheesecake Factory, everyone looks for a solution as to where Howard and Bernadette can get married. Then Raj has an idea. On Sunday morning, the Google satellite will be passing over Pasadena and could therefore take a photograph of their wedding. Everyone is excited. Now all that's missing is someone to perform the marriage ceremony. Sheldon would do it, but only in Klingon. However, that does not appeal to Bernadette.

Howard gives each of his friends a comic book. Sheldon has a problem with the fact that the book is worth more than his wedding present.

On the roof, Raj has rolled out the carpet. Everyone is waiting for the bride. Bernadette is led by her father to the altar. Raj, Sheldon, Leonard, Penny and Amy together perform the couple's marriage ceremony. But then Penny and Leonard get into an argument again, and Amy is just barely able to make the two of them stop. When Sheldon wants to keep his part of the speech in Klingon, Bernadette intervenes. Bernadette and Howard mutually pledge their loyalty, and the other five marry the couple.

The rocket launches, and everyone is anxious. Immediately after the launch, one only hears Howard's screams.