Spaß mit Flaggen

Sheldon has a new project. For a whole year he wants to introduce a new flag every week and put the video on the internet. Amy is helping him with the filming. Leonard goes through the scene because he has to go on a date. Sheldon is angry and starts the shoot from the beginning, repeatedly.

On the way back from the date they agree to take it slow. Leonard would like to treat it like a software development, reporting and repairing the failures. Penny agrees. In the apartment he bothers Sheldon, who has just started his 47th take.

Sheldon and Raj are sitting in their office and Sheldon informs him about the new flag knowledge from the internet. Howard comes at the same time. Raj has bought a new cell phone and lets him give a hand to remove the plastic from the screen. Sheldon talks in between about his flag information. Raj tries out SIRI and tries to flirt with her. When she suggests a cafe to him, Raj disappears.

Amy, Penny, Sheldon and Leonard are watching a movie together. Penny is annoyed, she would rather do something else. Leonard passes her his report. He has underlined the individual points in different colors to show how urgent they are. Penny is surprised by how many there are.

Raj is at home still chatting with SIRI and giving her compliments. He asks her to call him sexy. In the office Sheldon is suprised when SIRI calls him sexy. He makes it clear to it that it is just a phone. Barry comes in and grumbles that SIRI is not working. He demonstrates it when he asks for a restaurant. But SIRI can't understand his mumbling.

Leonard knocks on Penny's door. She is cross and is reading a book. According to Leonard's list they should have more topics of conversation. In addition, she should wear shorter heels, so that he isn't reminded of his mother. While she changes, he goes through her list by himself. When his kisses and his eyebrows are criticized in it, he is annoyed.

Bernadette and Howard are invited to eat at Raj's. They are worried, when it becomes clear how much SIRI dictates his life and how he is getting more and more involved with her.

Penny and Leonard go to a shooting range. Penny is delighted. But as the two kiss on the stand, Leonard injures himself with the loaded weapon. Penny drags him up the stairs. Leonard’s shoe has a hole and his foot now has a plaster.

They say goodbye, and as Leonard comes into the living room, Sheldon and Amy are dressed like Bavarians and are presenting the Bavarian flag.

Raj visits the SIRI office. She is sitting at the desk and is happy to see him. Raj gives her a bouquet of roses. She says to him, that he only has to say something, if he wants something from her But from then on, he does not receive a word. Then he wakes up screaming.