Paradoxe Psychologie

One day, Sheldon and Amy play a self-invented game in which historic experiences follow more or less historic developments. They invite Leonard Hofstadter to play a round with them, but the questions are so complex that he does not manage actually to follow the game or even to give a correct answer. Amy and Sheldon find that very surprising.

The friendship between them confuses Raj, Penny, and Howard, and they try to learn more about their combination. Penny then makes the mistake of combining Amy and Sheldon's names to create Shamy which Amy has forbidden. Leonard tries to explain to Sheldon that Amy is somewhat complicated and does not really belong on the team. Sheldon again does not understand these remarks and puts a lot of value on the fact that he has found a very good friend in Amy. The others in the group, however, are so bothered by Amy's contacts with Sheldon that they prefer to meet next door at Penny's to watch TV and be able to talk without interruptions about the strange combination of Shamy.

At a group lunch in the university's canteen Amy and Sheldon get into an academic dispute which probably cannot be followed by anyone else again, and cannot deviate from their arguments which leads to Sheldon demanding an excuse from Amy which she, however, refuses. So both decide to terminate their friendship.

On a washday, Penny starts a conversation with Sheldon in the laundry room about the topic of Shamy. She asks if Sheldon is alright as he has just split up. But Sheldon still emphasizes that it was a purely friendly relationship which has now simply ended, and that's basically all it is, and one need not be sad about it for long. Without seeing the interpersonal context, Sheldon tries to compensate for the break-up with Amy by buying a clowder of cats, all of which he's named after scientists. Leonard thinks that things have taken a dangerous turn, and confronts Sheldon. But this conversation does not yield the desired result at all.

So Leonard sees no other way out than to call Sheldon's mother and ask for help. And she comes to visit immediately. Leonard takes her to Sheldon's room, where he is cuddling as many as a dozen cats. She finds that so strange that she points out to Leonard that he should have called her earlier. Now she tries to separate Sheldon from the cats and to bring him together with Amy again, so that Sheldon may re-join normalcy. She invites Amy to dinner and through reverse psychology gets Shamy back together again and they (Shamy) give away the cats in the park together.