Der Zarnecki-Feldzug

Leonard enters the apartment and finds Sheldon completely distraught. There is a policeman standing next to him. They have been robbed! But when Leonard asks which items were stolen, Sheldon enumerates all the belongings of his World of Warcraft characters. Someone hacked into his account. The policeman wishes him good luck and leaves. Sheldon is beside himself with rage and Leonard calls Raj and Howard for help.

The four of them are sitting in the apartment. Howard and Raj attempt to find traces online. Penny comes in and brings cake. When she wants to go, Priya comes.

Penny, Amy and Bernadette are sitting in Penny's apartment. Penny is complaining that Leonard does things with Priya that he never did with her. Together they make nasty remarks about the two of them.

Leonard, Howard and Raj are still searching in World of Warcraft for Sheldon's things. Priya is annoyed that Leonard is ignoring her. She leaves the apartment. The three have success: they find a troll who can give them information.

In the corridor Priya meets the three girls. They politely invite her to come with them to a bar. However, she declines.

In the cafeteria Howard has good news for the other three. He has found out the hacker's data. The four of them plan to drive there and demand the things back. Sheldon is hard to stop. However, before they go, they have to watch Wheel of Fortune with Howard and his mother. She [Howard's mother] turns out to be a real professional at guessing the answers. When Priya calls, Leonard has to tell her a white lie, since he did not want to put it off again because of the game. Raj, who is called shortly thereafter, also lies to her.

Finally, the four are on the way to see the thief. With a bit of music they put themselves in the mood. But when they arrive, everyone's enthusiasm is gone. The guy is not only large but also strong. And before he slams the door on the boys, he takes Sheldon's Batleth away. On the way back their car breaks down too. In their distress they call Penny. When she picks them up, she makes a snide remark that they had not called Priya. When they still talk about their retreat, Penny turns around abruptly and goes back to the thief. There she gives him a nasty kick and gets it done, so that Sheldon gets his stuff back.

In the final scene we see Penny and Priya silently going up the stairs. When she and Priya say goodbye to one another, Penny confirms what she thinks about Priya.