Die Antilope im Curry

While shopping, Penny, Bernadette and Amy are together in the bathroom. Amy finds it terrific, as it is the first time she has gone to the restroom with friends. In the shoe store Bernadette tells them that she and Howard were invited to dinner with Leonard and Priya. Amy, however, just sees Priya's ploy to influence Bernadette. Amy wants to use the appointment to feed Priya with misinformation. Bernadette is sceptical, however, she accepts the plan.

Sheldon is looking for a solution to his three person chess invention. He presents his model to Leonard, in which he has also introduced two new pieces. Leonard is looking forward to playing soon but has to leave for his date. In the hall he meets Amy who has just arrived in her new shoes.

Penny and Amy are sitting in Penny's apartment. They are waiting for Bernadette's communication. She sends them periodic messages about the ongoing conversation When Priya belittles Penny's acting, Bernadette spreads the rumor that she is shooting a movie with Angelina Jolie. Priya and Leonard are very suprised about it. They are even more surprised when Bernadette tells them about Penny's new boyfriend. He is said to be an astronaut.

In the meantime Sheldon is still working on his chess game as Raj comes over He is lonely and looking for company. He is carrying a medication that should make it easier for him to speak with women without alcohol.

Bernadette, in the meantime, gets more and more entangled in contradictions. When she's on the verge of completely freaking out, she goes to the bathroom to call Amy. She's stuck and can't go on. Amy tries to calm her down. She explains to Bernadette that it was an autocorrect error and they really meant architect instead of astronaut. Now, Bernadatte is completely undone.

Sheldon goes to a bar with Raj. They want to test Raj's new medication. And in fact, it enables Raj to approach a young woman. But during the conversation Raj begins to undress. Raj has lost all inhibitions and the young woman flees in outrage.

Howard and Leonard are playing Jenga, while Priya and Bernadette make coffee. When Priya notices that Bernadette goes to the bathroom so often, she asks her about it. Bernadette's facade shatters and she leaves the apartment in panic. Howard pushes over the Jenga tower and runs after her, shouting to Leonard that he has won this one.

In the apartment, Howard and Leonard are playing the new chess with Sheldon. The instructions are complicated thanks to the new chess characters and game board. Right when Leonard checkmates Sheldon, Raj calls from the kitchen. The medication is obviously still affecting him, since he is completely naked.