Das Juwel von Mumbai

Sheldon tries to order a pizza in Italian, when Leonard, off to a meal with Priya, Raj and Howard, says goodbye. Sheldon is disappointed that he remains alone for the true communal fast-food evening - for him the evening is traditional. Only after much back-and-forth can Leonard convince him to come along.

Sheldon keeps grumbling while Howard points out to Raj that Leonard and Priya were snogging. The TV does not show anything he likes, and there are no specific seating arrangements. He goes back and sits down at the bar in the Cheesecake Factory. Penny asks him about his problem and he tells her about his unsuccessful evening. Amy calls and makes Sheldon realize that he has to face the fact that the group revolves around Leonard, and therefore meets where he is.

The next traditional Thursday Leonard goes to eat at Raj's again. He notices that Sheldon has put snacks on the table, and asks about it. Sheldon has invited his own crowd, consisting of Stewart, Barry Kripke and Penny's ex Zack. He asks Leonard to leave the apartment.

Amy and Bernadette want to distract Penny so they throw a ladies night. Penny accepts with little enthusiasm.

The meeting in the apartment, however, is not exhilarating. After a long-winded presentation, Sheldon tries to enthrall the others with a video game. But the three are not in the mood. Barry suggests they sing karaoke and drink beer. Without further ado, they organize their own party, which leaves Sheldon standing there speechless.

At Raj's, there is chili and everyone gossips about Sheldon's quirky behavior. They toast to an evening without Sheldon. But while doing so, they realize that they miss him.

Amy and Bernadette are waiting for Penny, who wants to dress for the evening together. As they sit in the bedroom on her bed, Amy finds the preserved snowflake that Leonard brought Penny as a gift from the North Pole. Penny looks at it somewhat self-pityingly, before they set off for girls' night.

In the apartment, the karaoke is in full swing. While his guests are having fun, Sheldon is sitting on the sofa.

A little later, he can't stand it any longer, and knocks on Raj's door. After he has criticized Priya's chili, everyone clinks glasses with one another.

The final scene is of Sheldon's guests still singing and dancing in the apartment. Stewart, who just got out of the shower, is dressed in only a towel. They sing "Walking On Sunshine" together.