Ein Traum von Bollywood

Sheldon is a guest lecturer and is giving a lecture to a class of PhD Students at the university. His jokes are not received well, particularly by the students who seem rather bored. Meanwhile the other three are in the apartment enjoying the amusing Tweets of the doctorate students, in which Sheldon is not coming off well. Penny comes in and asks for access to the Wi-Fi password. Sheldon has changed the password, because Penny constantly uses their network for free. When Sheldon returns, he is enthusiastic about his lecture and is flabbergasted as he reads the comments. Insulted, he goes to bed.

Leonard, Raj and Howard are sitting in the Cheesecake Factory talking about Sheldon who is in a bad mood. In the course of conversation, Howard and Leonard decide that Raj really needs a woman. When Bernadette tells him that he is cute, it becomes clear to Raj that he might seem sexy to her.

Sheldon chats with Amy and is dismayed. The comments have deeply hurt him. Amy explains to him that his failure could be due to his way of teaching and recommends acting classes. Immediately Sheldon knocks on Penny's door and asks her for lessons. Penny agrees to it.

Raj has a daydream: Howard has to go to Israel for two years because of a scholarship and asks him to take care of Bernadette physically. When he wakes up again it becomes clear to him that he definitely isn't gay.

Sheldon's first lesson is soon. When Penny wants to warm him up with exercises, they don't appeal to him. Then Penny wants to practice improvisation with him. However, Sheldon can not get involved and ruins it with his stiff behavior.

Raj and Leonard are sitting in the apartment and get a call that Howard is in the hospital seriously injured. Then Raj gets a phone call from Howard asking him to take care of Bernadette after his death. But just as he kisses Bernadette, he wakes up from his daydream. Leonard hasn't noticed anything.

Penny and Sheldon continue working. Sheldon, however, has not practiced the required scenes. Instead, he wrote his own scene. It is about the child Sheldon who is beamed into the future by Mr Spock. But Penny swaps the roles and Sheldon has to play his mother and Penny plays Mr Spock. When Penny asks him to act more emotionally, he becomes so deeply emotional in the scene that he begins to cry. Penny calls his mother to tell her about it.

Raj is sitting in the canteen, when Bernadette asks him to tell her why he goes out of the way for Howard. However it is a daydream again, in which both of them dance to an Indian song and confess their love. When he wakes up, he is once again sure that he is not gay.