The boys are sitting with Priya at the Cheesecake Factory. Together with Penny, they make fun of Leonard's restricted diet due to his lactose intolerance.

Bernadette comes in and announces that she is getting her doctorate. Immediately the others joke that Howard alone doesn't have a title. But then she says that she will earn even more money with a new job offer. However, that seems to be something that discomforts him.

Raj is at home and must listen as Leonard and Priya amuse themselves in the bedroom. He wants to get away and goes to Howard's place. He would like to stay over, but he hesitates when Howard says she's on hormone replacement therapy and she, from the background, shouts for him to play doctor.

Sheldon is chatting with Amy. His neck hurts. She instructs him to give himself a massage, which triggers a real outburst of emotion from him. Then, Raj knocks and asks to sleep in Leonard's room. First, however, he must sign forms and get to know the security procedures.

The next day Leonard finds Raj in his bed. Raj, from now on, wants to hear nothing about Leonard's and Priya's love life, and he arranges with Leonard to swap beds until Priya has found an apartment of her own.

In the cafeteria Sheldon gives him not only an identity card and keys, but also some instructions about his duties. Then, in the evening, Raj takes care of the food and sets the table. Sheldon is impressed. Penny arrives and is noticeably annoyed when she finds out about the new living situation.

Howard chats with Bernadette about her new job. Then she has a gift for Howard: a Rolex. It becomes clear that she has substantially more money than he does. Penny, Sheldon and Raj sit together having a glass of wine. When Sheldon goes to bed, Raj and Penny talk about Leonard. She regrets having let him go.

Leonard and Priya are making out when her parents get in touch via chat. Leonard quickly hides. When her mother suggests that she is coming back soon, Leonard, angry, re-appears. In front of her parents, he confronts Priya, who tries to downplay the situation. But Leonard explains the truth to them, and when Priya leaves the room angry, he sits alone facing her paents.

Penny wakes up the next morning next to Raj. She is shocked and wants to know nothing about it. Meanwhile, Leonard, on the sofa, is woken up by Sheldon. And then Howard, who's quarrelled with Bernadette over the Rolex, is knocking as well. Everyone witnesses Penny and Raj coming out of Leonard's room. But she only says that it's not what it looks like.