31 Liebhaber, aufgerundet

Leonard, Howard, Raj and Sheldon sit together comfortably. With the notebook on his knees, Howard controls a robotic arm that he lets get the Chinese fast food out of a paper bag for their meal together. Everyone is delighted, only Sheldon is rather pessimistic. Penny enters the room and Howard demonstrates the robotic arm to her too using a packet of soy sauce.

When Penny would like to know if Howard has stolen the robotic arm, he explains that he has only “borrowed” the arm. Sheldon's mobile sounds, and he reads a message from Amy aloud. Penny asks who Amy is and complains to Leonard that he hasn't told her anything about Sheldon's new girlfriend. Sheldon asserts that Amy is only an acquaintance with whom he communicates about work and the possibility of having a child together. Amy believes that they would conceive an intellectually superior child. To general horror Penny explains that sex would be necessary for that, but Sheldon considers sex dirty and prefers a laboratory. He asks Penny if her uterus is for rent. Penny thinks Sheldon should get to know Amy in person.

Sheldon informs Penny that based on her advice he has arranged a meeting with Amy. Penny is not very happy about the fact that she should give him a lift immediately, but she agrees. On the way Penny learns that Sheldon has never had a date before. He turns away further pieces of advice.

Meanwhile, Howard enjoys the robotic arm in many different ways. The phone rings near Leonard and Raj. It is Howard, who cannot detach the robotic arm from his penis after a bit of an intimate enjoyment. The two find Howard with a blanket on his lap, and he explains to them that he has fallen into the robotic arm. Leonard and Raj do not really believe that and make jokes about the situation. Howard pleads for help, but good advice is hard to come by.

Meanwhile Amy is with Penny and Sheldon in the car. For Penny, the conversation with the reserved Amy is going nowhere. Amy and Sheldon barely speak with each other. In the restaurant the conversation does not become any easier for Penny when Amy and Sheldon talk about Penny and her numerous lovers.

For Howard it becomes embarrassing. Leonard and Raj bring him together with the robotic arm and the blanket around the hips to the emergency room. There the receptionist calls out quite audibly to a doctor because of a robot arm that has gotten caught on a penis. Through some fast fingering on the notebook that Leonard holds in both hands, however, she shuts the robot down without further ado and the problem is solved. Howard is relieved.

After the meal Sheldon still would like to father a child in the laboratory. After Penny threatens to tell his mother everything, he rejects the plan rather quickly. When he enters his appartment, Leonard is on the phone with Howard. The misfortune with the robot arm has already happened to Howard again.