Herz zwei

Priya and Leonard wake up together in his room. As Leonard puts on his glasses, Priya asks him why he does not wear contact lenses. She thinks it's a shame, because he has such beautiful eyes.

Howard is sitting with Sheldon and Raj in the cafeteria. When Howard wants to show Raj his new magic trick, Sheldon stops him. For him, it is a waste of time. But Raj wants to see it. Howard presents his card trick, in which he draws the card Raj previously selected from the stack. Sheldon thinks the trick is easy, but nevertheless would like to know it. Leonard stumbles in and proudly mentions that he now wears contact lenses.

In the apartment, the guys are sitting with Penny while eating. Howard shows Penny his card trick and she is very impressed. Sheldon pretends to be bored, but he can not accept that he does not know the trick. He wants to examine the cards.

Leonard comes in with Priya. They were shopping and Priya got Leonard new clothes. However, on the way to his room, he runs into the wall.

In his room, Priya would like to talk to Leonard. It bothers her that Penny is in the apartment so often. Leonard is not supposed to see her in the future.

Howard shows his card trick once again, but Sheldon has yet to figure out the trick. The others make fun of him. Sheldon is bewildered, when even Penny pretends to know the trick and Howard confirms her guess.

Penny meets Leonard in the laundry room. As she helps him sort the laundry, she makes a remark about what a fix Leonard would be in without her. Leonard wants to explain to her that they can no longer see each other. He tries it with the Darwinian observation, but Penny does not understand this and dismisses it.

Priya is with Leonard in bed and asks if he has talked to Penny. She is satisfied when Leonard says he has settled it. At that moment Sheldon knocks and would like Leonard to draw a card. He thinks he figured out the trick. Leonard lets him believe that a card has been drawn out and it worked out, and manages to get him back into the living room.

Meanwhile Sheldon has prepared a try with infrared cameras, with which he wants to finally understand the trick. To this end, he has also hacked into the computer system that actually serves the national defense. That is too much for Leonard and he disappears.

In the evening, Leonard is sitting with Priya in the restaurant. She tells him that she could move to LA professionally. At that moment Penny knocks on the window and a little later is standing at their table. Priya is visibly irritated when she tells about the encounter in the laundry and then just tries the food.

Howard, Sheldon and Raj are sitting in the cafeteria. Sheldon believes he has finally figured out the trick. However, when he is discovered with fake cards, Howard shows him again the trick with Raj. One can clearly see that Raj is holding another card in his hand when Howard calls and so the trick is clear. It's just a matter of fooling Sheldon, but he does not know this. Sheldon leaves indignantly.

Leonard would like to talk to Penny. He says that she should move away. When Penny confronts him,

Leonard has to go with the truth. Penny agrees to hold back. It suits Leonard but somehow it does not feel right to him. But when he wants to go after Penny, he runs against the door.

Sheldon sits down with Raj and Howard at the table in the cafeteria. He is downcast because he got in trouble for hacking the computers. Howards wants to show the trick again–this time on Sheldon Raj looks at the card and signals Howard what card Sheldon has. When Howard correctly identifies the card, Sheldon gets offended.