Die neutrale Zone

The boys are sitting in the Cheesecake Factory and Penny asks for their order. Amy inquires about Penny's plans for the weekend. She has no time. Leonard explains to her that there is a scientific conference that they are all going to. Amy then adds that this is a chance for a free weekend at a four star spa hotel. Penny consequently accepts the invitation.

Everyone gathers in the apartment and Sheldon plans an introduction in the form of a test, safety exercises, and a round of questions. The breaks are outlined precisely on a map and even the car seats have already been chosen. During the car ride, Sheldon is monitoring everything with help from his walkie-talkie. Later Sheldon starts a guessing game, which everyone knows the answer to except Penny. She has no idea about chemical elements. When Penny vigorously complains about Sheldon, she must switch to a different car. However, even there the billing and cooing from Howard and Bernadette is no better.

Arriving at the hotel, Penny is completely exhausted. At the check-in desk Bernadette meets her ex-boyfriend Glen, who is the exact opposite of Howard. Big and muscular. Howard isn´t delighted that Glen is also present. While he is alone with Bernadette, Howard explains to her that he is the opposite of Glen and doesn't have a lot to offer. However, the conversation unfortunately goes wrong, and Bernadette does not understand what he's trying to say.

A little bit later, she knocks on Amy's and Penny's door and asks to sleep with them. When Amy and Bernadette are sleeping, Penny bolts to Leonard. Sheldon is already asleep in an extremely awkward position. Without more ado, Penny sleeps next to Leonard in the bed, where Leonard has labeled the middle as "neutral zone" . Just as they both are still, Sheldon stands in front of the bed. He's outraged and is afraid they will get closer.

Raj snuggles straight into his bed, when Sheldon knocks and wants to sleep with him.

Meanwhile, Penny and Leonard are chatting in the two now-separate beds. When Penny proposes abolishing the "neutral zone" , Leonard leaps over to her. Then Raj comes in and wants to sleep with them.

At the lecture the next day, Bernadette and Howard wage war against each other in front of the gathered audience. Sheldon tries to save the situation by waving to Raj, but he begins a battle of words with Leonard. Penny is not in the mood to debate anymore and asks if anyone wants to go back to LA with her. Since Glen offers...

On the return trip, Sheldon keeps in touch with Howard, Bernadette, and Raj by walkietalkie, again. Howard throws it out the window. Meanwhile, Amy shows Leonard that he is driving at 200 km/h and is apparently mad that Penny is driving with Glen. He slows down, but he has already been seen by the highway patrol.