Der peinliche Kuss

The four boys are sitting in the apartment and playing a card game that they invented themselves. Just as Leonard, Raj and Howard are defeated by Sheldon, there is a knock on the door. Penny is standing in front of the door with Zack, with whom she has recently gotten back together. Penny simply wanted to bring Leonard his mail, but when Zack mentioned that his Science Magazine was about planets, even though there was a picture of an atom on the cover - the guys couldn't resist. They make fun of him, without him realizing it. Penny is visibly embarrassed by the whole situation.

When Zack finally realizes that the nerds think he is stupid, he gets offended and leaves, while Penny scolds the guys.

Leonard has a guilty conscience and persuades the others to apologize to Zack. With a choice of a free comic or a fight they agree. They regret their behavior in front of Zack, offer him chocolate and take him to the comic book store. There they meet Stuart who asks if they're going to his New Year's Eve party. It will be a costume party. The boys say that they will be coming as the Justice League. As Leonard wasn't convincing as Superman last year, Sheldon now has Zack in mind. He is tall, muscular and fits perfectly as Superman. He agrees and brings Penny also a Wonder Woman costume. But Penny has no desire to spend New Years in a comic book shop. However, she lets herself be persuaded.

On New Year's Eve, Leonard waits as the Green Lantern and Sheldon as Flash. Howard bursts in as Batman and Raj comes a bit later as Aquaman. He groans since he does not like his character. Zack and Penny also come but Sheldon complains when he sees that Penny is not wearing the Wonder Woman wig. Offended, Penny goes back to her apartment. Zack and Sheldon try, in succession, to persuade them to come along. Since Sheldon cannot convince her, Zack does not want to go either. Howard suggests that Leonard should talk to Penny. Leonard wants Penny to calm down, when she is explaining to him, that she went out with Zack only not to be alone on New Year's Eve. She also seems to be unsure about Leonard, however she doesn't go any further. Instead she goes with the party.

At the award ceremony in the comic book store there are a total of three Justice League teams to choose. Since the other teams have no matching Superman or a real woman in their teams, the nerds win because of Penny and Zack. Sheldon happily receives the trophy and tells everyone that he would like to make a speech, but New Year is changing and the bustle of the countdown starts at the same time.

After the party the Justice League goes home together. On the way, they observe a car theft. They don't hesitate for a second - they quietly turn around and walk back the path.

At the end of the episode, Sheldon informs Leonard that he would like to turn the temperature down. In his thoughts Sheldon runs as Flash to the Grand Canyon and shouts out his frustration, before running back and just saying as himself, "fair enough". .