Und jetzt mit Zunge

The boys are eating together at the Cheesecake Factory. While they are discussing with Penny about a possible dessert, Bernadette comes into the restaurant and begins her shift. Howard would like to escape from the encounter with his ex-girlfriend and hides under the table when she passes by.

At home in his room, Howard has an erotic fantasy with the beautiful actress Kate Sackhoff from Battlestar Galactica. But his mother interrupts him, and when he wants to focus again on Kate, Bernadette sits next to him on the bed. But when George Takei from Star Trek appears, Howard's confusion is complete. Before all figures have disappeared, Bernadette declares that he still loves her

Howard and Leonard are sitting in the canteen eating as Leonard asks him why he and Bernadette have separated. But Howard does not want to talk about it because it's embarrassing for him. Raj and Sheldon arrive and are in a deepening argument. Raj would like to have a desk of his own in the office at long last, when Sheldon declares that there are no available financial means for it. Raj accuses him of spending money on extravagant purchases, such as an illuminated ant farm. When Raj proposes to buy one for himself, Sheldon does not have a retort and concedes.

Howard knocks on Penny and asks her about Bernadette. Penny asks for the reason for the breakup with Bernadette. She succeeds in getting Howard to tell her the story. When he was online - playing the role-playing game World of Warcraft, he went under a bridge with another player's character where they had sex. Bernardette caught Howard at it, and since he couldn't give her any adequate reasons for it, she was through with him.

Howard guilts Penny with the history of his bad childhood to arrange a meeting between him and Bernadette.

Meanwhile, Raj has gotten himself a desk, but it annoys Sheldon due to its oversize dimensions. But Raj does not give way and defends his desk.

Howard and Bernadette meet at the Cheesecake Factory. They finally want to speak to each other. Penny repeatedly interrupts the conversation and brings them both drinks and snacks. She is curious and would like to listen to the conversation. Bernadette accuses Howard of having had sex with the troll on World of Warcraft but not wanting to go that far with her. They decide to give each other one more try.

Bernadette takes Howard home after a date on the mini golf course. They kiss in the car. Then Kate Sackhoff and George Takei show up again on the backseat and talk insistently to Howard. While Kate Sackhoff encourages Howard to go further, George Takei appeals to Howard's reason to take it slow. But Howard ignores him, and when he wants to go one step further, Bernadette holds him back and puts him him until another time.

A small war has broken out between Raj and Sheldon, in which they give each other a hard time. Just when it looks like Sheldon can drive Raj away, he comes out of the office with an empty bird case and vows revenge on Sheldon.