Sag's nicht weiter

The physicist Brian Greene is giving a lecture about his newest book. Sheldon and Amy are in the audience and Sheldon is making fun of the lecture. Amy tells him about the newest rumor - Bernadette wants to split up with Howard. Sheldon is not the least interested and instead stands in front of the physicist and drives him from the audience.

Leonard and Sheldon are playing an archery game on their console in the flat. Sheldon tells Leonard the rumor about Bernadette and Howard.

Leonard goes to Priya in the bathroom, where she has just finished. She tells him that a colleague has given her tickets for a baseball game. She also wants to invite Howard and Bernadette. Priya finds it sad, however she suspects that Raj will be happy about it. He is secretly in love with her.

Leonard meets Penny in the hall. She has already heard gossip about Bernadette and Howard. She thinks that Bernadette will find someone better. Despite that she is surprised by Raj's enthusiasm. She intends to keep quiet about it to not endanger the friendship between Howard and Raj.

During Raj's and Priya's chat with their parents it comes up that Priya has a boyfriend. The parents are assuming that the boyfriend is Howard and they begin talking about the split of Howard and Bernadette. Raj wants to find out more.

The four sit in the lunch room at lunch. Howard is deep in thought and his friends are talking about him. There he tells him the news: he wants to propose to Bernadette. While Howard quickly makes a telephone call, Sheldon and Leonard agree that he will be very disappointed. Only Raj is secretly happy about the split.

While Amy and Sheldon sit in the flat, it comes up that Howard plans to propose. Amy has a scientific explanation for why they are gossiping. They plan an experiment in which they spread a specific false rumor on purpose and observe its spread.

Shortly thereafter Amy knocks on Penny's door and tells her that she had sex with Sheldon. She is gone as fast as she appeared.

Raj meets Bernadette in the Cheesecake factory. As Penny observes the two of them, she mingles and gives Raj a talk about his behavior. Incidentally, she mentions the rumor about Amy and Sheldon. Raj is shocked.

Leonard comes to the flat and meets with Sheldon. He inquires conspicuously about Amy and says that she looks swell lately. Sheldon waves his hand that everything is the same. However during the conversation he has a chat window open to Amy, who notices everything and is happy about the successful dissemination. When during the dinner in the flat Bernadette also knows about it, Amy and Sheldon feel that their theory is confirmed.

It is happening: Howard kneels in front of Bernadette. However Bernadette interrupts him in the middle and says that she wants to marry him. Everyone is happy for the happy couple.

In the last scene, Amy knocks at Penny’s door and tells her that she is pregnant. While she is still in the corridor, Leonard, who has just come up the stairs, already knows the news from texting. Amy is surprised that it worked so fast.