Hochzeit und Herzinfarkt

When the guys want to eat with Priya in the Cheesecake-Factory, Penny asks Bernadette to take over waiting on their table. Sheldon grabs Leonard's glass of water instead of his own by mistake and immediately starts panicking that he has picked up an infection. On top of that, he also wipes his mouth with Leonard's napkin, and now he considers himself a dead man.

When Leonard asks Howard how his mother reacted to his and Bernadette's engagement, Howard admits that he has not told her yet. Priya appeals to his conscience for him to tell her.

At the apartment, the four of them are playing their invented card game. While doing this, Raj makes a suggestive comment about every card, which gets on the others' nerves. Howard receives a text from Bernadette, who is going out for a meal with his mother. When Sheldon takes a sip of his water, Raj winds him up by telling him it was his. Sheldon immediately panics again.

Howard comes home and asks his mother about the meal with Bernadette. But she's at the moment on the toilet. Howard asks her if she likes his girlfriend, and he takes this opportunity to tell her that he's going to marry Bernadette. There's a moment of quiet before one hears his mother fall over. Howard panics and throws himself against the bathroom door, thereby injuring his arm.

Penny meets Sheldon in the laundry room. She asks him how he is doing as she is to keep away from the guys because of Priya. Then they find out from Leonard about Howard and his mother, and drive to the hospital together. Sheldon hesitates because he's afraid of the germs there, but after Penny has made him feel guilty, he comes along after all.

Howard is sitting in the waiting room and telling his friends about the accident. He waits for his mother's results since a heart attack is suspected. Howard reports that she had an attack after he told her about the wedding. He supposes that his mother felt threatened by Bernadette, since Bernadette could take her one and only away from her.

Priya and Raj arrive. Sheldon informs Raj that he has to go to the bathroom and he should drive him home. But Raj does not drive him. Priya goes with Penny to get a coffee, and they begin talking about Howard together. At first Leonard is pleased that both girls seem to be getting along, but Raj tells him that this can only be bad for him. Penny could be telling Priya bad things about Leonard.

Howard tries to comfort Bernadette. She is desperate, because she believes that their approaching wedding could be to blame for the heart attack. Then the doctor comes and gives the all-clear, that it was not a heart attack. Sheldon slips quickly through the open door to the corridor. Howard wants to go to his mother, but she wants to see Bernadette first.

Meanwhile Sheldon has managed to go to the toilet. But while searching for the way back, he gets into the quarantine station, and now he isn't allowed to leave anymore.

In the meantime, Priya and Penny bitch about Leonard. During that time, Leonard wonders what Penny might be saying about him. As both girls come in and report that they are whispering about his love making, Leonard completely changes.

Bernadette is beside herself. His mother had food poisoning and only wanted to ask about Bernadette. She angrily announces to Howard that she is not to be blamed in any way.

In the final scene, the guys are playing their card game in the quarantine facility.