Der Gestank der Verzweiflung

Leonard is in despair because everyone around him has girlfriends, even Sheldon. He is stuck until Amy advises him in a video chat with Sheldon that he should go to a bar and get to know someone there. This attempt fails, however, and in the end Leonard is so desperate that he goes to Howard and demands carrying out the girlfriends pact the two of them once entered into. This pact states that if one of them has a girlfriend, he will "hook up"  the other with a friend of his girlfriend. So Howard asks his girlfriend Bernadette to arrange a date for Leonard with one of her friends.

Finally, all four of them arrive at a restaurant. But this date ends in a disaster. Bernadette's friend comes to the date directly from the gym, seems very sporty and cannot behave herself in the fancy restaurant. She is constantly making lewd jokes and so did not meet the expectations of Leonard.

At the same time, Sheldon is also desparate because Amy is pushing him to agree to meet with her mother. At first, he's not so sure what this means, but after talking to Leonard his doubts are confirmed: Amy wants their relationship to become more official. Sheldon panics and tries everything to cut off contact with Amy. So he changes his email address, takes down his social networking profiles, and even changes his house number. But one thing that he hasn't considered is that Amy has visited him many times before, and so she knows where he lives. So she finally stands outside the door, causing Leonard to send her away for the moment.

In the end, she lies in wait for Sheldon in the stairwell and he has no chance to avoid her. Amy Sheldon can thus explain the fact that there is a misunderstanding and she wants him to pretend he is her boyfriend for her mother. So they both take part in a video conference with her mother and shock her a little.