Der sicherste Ort der Welt

Leonard arrives home and sees Sheldon drawing a graph on his whiteboard - he is confused and asks Sheldon what he is doing. Sheldon explains to him that he is trying to work out how long he has left to live, and he currently thinks this would be only another sixty years. One of his greatest wishes is to experience the "singularity", when it will be possible for human consciousness to be transferred into robots and therefore to be immortal. Leonard has bought pizza for everyone; Raj and Howard contribute to the cost of the pizza, only Penny regrets that she has no more money, but she promises to pay her share as soon as possible.

Sheldon refuses to eat his pizza even though it is Thursday. So that he can live longer, he now wants to eat more heathily and eat only vegetables; furthermore, he wants to become more sporty. Since Penny does a great deal of jogging in her free time, Howard and Raj draw Sheldon's attention to the fact that he could go jogging together with Penny. He is immediately very excited about it - Penny, on the other hand, does not like it at all.

In the night, Sheldon knocks on Leonard's door because he feels sick and he has severe abdominal pain, and also he has a slight fever - which leads him to the conclusion that he has cholera. Leonard, however, assumes appendicitis and wants to take Sheldon to a hospital. Outside in the corridor, Sheldon lets his gut gasses run wild and he's immediately better again - Leonard goes back to bed annoyed.

The next morning, Sheldon meets with Penny, who wants to show him how to prepare before physical exercise. Sheldon, however, can not understand how Penny can get along without electrical devices to check body functions, and he also does not have success with Penny's stretching exercises. Penny usually jogs until she can't go any further and needs no technical equipment to determine when this point is reached.

When the two want to start jogging and start by jogging down the stairs, Sheldon falls down and can not go any further.

The next day, Howard, Raj and Penny are sitting together and eating Indian - Sheldon remains while in his room and sends a robot into the living room to the others - this is his way of trying to protect himself against further accidents.

Leonard finds the whole robot thing silly and tries to talk to Sheldon in his room - he however does not want to communicate directly with him and refers to the robot. Eventually, Sheldon tries to include Leonard in his plan - for which Leonard has no desire, yet he feels compelled to do so because it is written in their rental agreement that Leonard will help Sheldon if he becomes a robot.

A day later, Sheldon has persuaded Leonard to take the "Sheldon Robot" to work. Leonard is more than annoyed and tries turn off the robot, but he does not succeed since Sheldon has installed an extra circuit which allows the robot to start up again. Later, Sheldon noticed that it was not such a good idea was to "transform" into a robot, first, because he can not get the door to his office open, and later, Penny refuses to serve him in robot form at the Cheesecake Factory. Thereupon Sheldon wants to complain to the manager and sees Steve Wozniak, one of two founders of Apple, sitting in the shop and goes to him and introduces himself.

Sheldon says that he has an Apple II and Wozniak says that he will autograph it for him as soon as he has in the store. Thereupon Sheldon runs as fast as possible from home in order to arrive quickly at the store, but he falls back down the stairs in the process.

Later in the evening, the Sheldon-robot knocks on Penny's door because he hurt his ankle and has to stay in bed. Sheldon wants Penny to sing him the "Soft Kitty" song and accompanies her singing with his flute.