Ich bin nicht deine Mutter

Howard and Bernadette are lying in bed. Just as both are enjoying the perfect moment, Howard pulls away because his mother needs him in the morning. Bernadette asks him not to go. But as she notices that Howard is restless and only wants to stay for a few minutes, she lets him get up. She makes the suggestion that they could move in together. However, Howard only makes a joke out of it. When he gets home his mother makes a scene because he has been with Bernadette. Then they get into an argument and Howard goes out again.

Shortly thereafter, he knocks on Leonard's door and asks for a place to stay. When Howard tells Leonard that he could not stay with Raj because his sister lives there, Leonard is alarmed. He sets off immediately to go to Raj. But Raj tries to get rid of him at the door. However Priya lets Leonard in. They withdraw into the bedroom to talk.

The next day, Sheldon, Raj and Howard sit together at the Cheesecake Factory. As Leonard comes in holding hands with Priya, Raj is furious. He wants to forbid the relationship between the two. Penny comes to the table and Priya is introduced. Sheldon immediately explains to Priya that Penny and Leonard were together for sometime.

Howard tells Bernadette that his mother will be away for two days and so he can stay with her. Bernadette, however, does not find that enough. There must be a better solution for the future together. She gives him with a choice: his mother or her.

Amy knocks on Penny's door and wants to comfort Penny because of Leonard's new girlfriend. Penny dismisses, however, that she is doing well. Amy tries to explain to her what Leonard finds so fascinating in Priya.

The others are sitting with Priya and Amy in the apartment eating pizza. Penny comes in and tries to be friendly. When the subject of acting comes up Priya turns out to be not only a successful professional but talented as well.

Howard has decided and moved out of his mother's house. But Bernadette immediately notices the first signs that it will not be easy. The mummy's boy comes more and more to the fore. Bernadette is shocked and makes it clear that she will not replace his mother.

Shortly thereafter, Howard is back at his mother's door with his bag and baggage.

Amy must comfort Penny. She is sad and crying because Leonard has found in Priya a woman who can make him happy.