Die Bushose

Howard, Raj and Sheldon are sitting in the lunchroom eating. Howard is on the telephone with his mother and explaining to her how she can check e-mails on the laptop. He ends the call obviously annoyed. Sheldon suggests that all elderly people who are not able to use the computer should be publicly flogged. Leonard comes in. He has an idea to develop an app, which besides handwriting also recognizes equations and symbols. Even Sheldon is convinced by the idea and would like to participate. Howard and Raj accept the idea as well, hoping to earn a lot of money.

Sheldon doesn't want to talk about the app at dinner with Penny. Is he afraid that outsiders could steal the idea? Anyway, Penny is not interested. But Sheldon thinks that Penny would like to get rich. Penny gets offended. Meanwhile, Sheldon hands out flow charts in which he has assigned tasks among other things. Raj will handle telephone calls and Howard will be secretary while Sheldon has allocated all the important positions of the chair to himself. When Leonard criticizes him, Sheldon gives him the post of Chief, but makes no secret that he does not think much of him.

Leonard introduces the first draft with a flip chart. Sheldon immediately has suggestions for improvements but Leonard rebuffs him. At a later test Sheldon makes a suggestion for the name of the app, which is coincidentally abbreviated as SHELDON? . But nobody pays attention to him. He gets on the others nerves until they throw him out.

As Leonard comes to the living room the next morning, Sheldon has worked all night on improving the app, but Leonard wants to cooperate more. Sheldon leaves, offended, with his bus pants on. He wears these over his regular pants when he sits on the bus.

Raj and Howard are sitting in the cafeteria when Sheldon arrives. He has brought printed cups, key chains and can cosies for the two and asks them to establish a rival team with him. However, they both refuse.

Raj, Howard and Leonard do some testing in the living room, as Sheldon pointedly unpacks his theremin and plays the melody from Star Trek. The three throw Sheldon and his theremin out of the apartment. He is continuing to play in the stairwell, when Penny comes home from work. She wants Sheldon to produce her own idea for an app. With this app you can photograph shoes and it displays where you can buy these shoes. Sheldon is less than enthusiastic.

The three are in the apartment thinking about how much they should charge for the app, when Penny comes in and asks for Sheldon to be let back in. For an apology they would do that, but Sheldon does not want to apologize. Penny tells him that he could apologize sarcastically and so brings Sheldon back to the apartment. Leonard shows him then their work thus far, but Sheldon immediately falls into his old patterns and criticizes it.

In the final scene we see Sheldon sitting in Penny's apartment on the laptop, while Penny explains and photographs the various shoes for the database.