Der falsche richtige Freund

The nerds are sitting in their apartment waiting for the pizza delivery. The pizza delivery boy calls and informs them that the elevator is broken. Sheldon makes it clear to him that he has to use the stairs. Leonard goes over to Penny to tell her about it. To his surprise, her father opens the door. He is very pleased to see Leonard. Penny goes over, gives Leonard a passionate kiss and lets him return to his apartment.

When Leonard returns to his apartment, he reports the strange encounter. Penny knocks on the door and would like to talk to Leonard about the situation in peace. They go out into the hall and she explains to him that she told her father she is together with Leonard again. After the break up, her father had nagged her for a long time that Leonard was the first boyfriend he accepted. Her former boyfriends had either tattoos, problems with the police, or a baby. For him, a scientist was finally the right boyfriend. So, he had repeatedly urged Penny to reconcile. Penny asks Leonard to play along with the story until her father leaves. Leonard agrees. Her father invites Leonard to go out to eat with them. Penny tells him that Leonard does not have any time, however Leonard betrays her and gleefully accepts the invitation.

Howard and Raj are playing? Battleship? . Bernadette knocks and would like to take a look through the telescope. Since Raj can not speak again, Howard asks Bernadette to open a bottle of wine. Raj does not want to drink any wine and the presence of Bernadette bothers him. Howard wants them to be seen as his closest friends. The three clink glasses.

Penny, her father, and Leonard are on their way home. Her father makes fun of Penny's ex-boyfriend which she finds uncomfortable. He points out that Leonard is a good choice. Her father would still like to invite him for a drink at home, but Penny persuades Leonard to turn down the offer. At the door they say goodbye with a long kiss just as Sheldon is coming from the basement, watching with unease.

Meanwhile, Howard, Bernadette and Raj are playing Monopoly, where Howard is making jokes about India. Raj and Bernadette discover a similarity between them: they make jokes about Howard's mother together.

Penny stands in front of Leonard's door and complains that her father is raving about Leonard. Sheldon comes by and has an altered version of the roommate agreement, which covers Penny's presence in the apartment.

Raj is tipsy from the wine and calls Hawaii to ask that the telescope be pointed at Scarlett Johannsen. Raj is optimistic that he will become rich and famous when he finds the sought-after planet that has an atmosphere and can support life. But he's afraid that he will then be completely alone. He is depressed because he hasn't kissed a girl in over a year. When Bernadette tells him that there definitely is a girl and he should just look carefully, he misunderstands the situation. He bends forward and kisses Howard, who was throwing himself in front of her and protecting her.

Leonard and Penny's father are playing Wii, when she calls him. She explains to him that they are not together. A little later, he stands them both in Penny's apartment for a conversation. When Penny is changing her clothes, her father asks Leonard not to give up on her. Sheldon has worked on the agreement all night long. When he learns that the two of them are no longer together, Leonard throws the agreement before his feet

The next day, Leonard asks how Raj fared. He does not want to talk about it and as Howard arrives, Raj makes a scene.