Der Mann der Stunde

The boys are sitting in the cafeteria and Raj once again starts a discussion about zombies. The boys are annoyed. Then they spot the university president Dr. Siebert. He comes to their table and informs them of a party to which they are invited. It is a fundraiser for the university that will finance their research. He makes it crystal clear that they have to appear at the party.

Leonard is dressing up for the party when Howard and Raj arrive. Sheldon is determined not to go. When the three show up at the party, they are greeted by Dr. Siebert who introduces them to Mrs Latham, an important donor. She quickly embarrasses the boys about their research articles.

Meanwhile, Sheldon chats with Amy. She is not pleased that he is staying home. She is afraid that the others will not manage to obtain the donations, and that the funds would therefore go to other fields such as geology and humanities. Sheldon is horrified and quickly goes to the party to save the situation.

Meanwhile, Leonard attempts to interest Mrs Latham in his research, but she shows little interest.

The next day Mrs Latham calls Leonard. She would like to have a dinner and talk about his research. After the meal she reveals the true reason for the appointment. When Leonard wants to discuss the funding, Mrs Latham kisses him. The others are sitting in the apartment and waiting for Leonard to come home. When Leonard explains that Mrs Latham wants more from him in order to get the funds, the others are enthusiastic. However, Leonard is horrified.

When Leonard meets her again, he would like to convince her to donate, without coming too close to her. Sheldon nevertheless wants to persuade him to give in to her. During the ride to the dinner Mrs Latham assures him that she will provide the funds in any case. Leonard is relieved. But Mrs Latham promises Leonard an incredible night and Leonard cannot resist.

Next morning he comes back home pretty battered. Sheldon immediately sees that as a good sign. Leonard tries to make clear that he has done that of his own will.

At the university he is celebrated as a hero that has sacrificed himself for the department and he is applauded.