Besuch vom FBI

Leonard explains to Sheldon and Raj at lunch at the University, that he now knows what his problem is with women. It is his lack of self-confidence. Sheldon has little interest in his problem and would like to change the conversation to another topic Howard comes in and informs the others that he is joining a new project for the Department of Defense. As part of a security investigation, the FBI could possibly contact them. Raj starts to panic that the FBI could send him back to India. Sheldon is offended that his subject change hasn't worked out, and leaves the table.

While Raj is deep in a Twilight book, Agent Page of the FBI stands in front of the door. Luckily Raj has rum cake in the fridge and can answer the questions. Raj makes it clear to the agent that he is living legally in the USA, he has a Visa and under no circumstances would he like to return to India. The agent reassures him that everything is in order. Leonard is also questioned by Agent Page, and tries, with his new strategy for women, to make advances towards the agent. Full of confidence, he makes advances towards her, however, she coldly brushes him off.

When Agent Page knocks at Sheldon's door, at first he does not trust that it is really the FBI and tests the agent. When the agent asks him questions about Howard, Sheldon shows her a blu ray cover, that he himself loaned to Howard, which was damaged. In addition he told her that Howard does not pay late fees for books and has destroyed the Mars Rover when he wanted to impress a woman with it. The agent starts to listen attentively, and when Sheldon notices what he has said, it is already too late. He tries to take it back, but the agent is already out the door.

When, the next day, Howard comes to the boys in the cafeteria and tells them that he was rejected for the project, Leonard and Raj blame themselves that it was because of their behavior. Sheldon can not sleep that night. He tells Leonard that he has told the agent about the Mars Rover and Leonard explains to him that he has had a guilt dream. Sheldon talks again with Agent Page and tries to correct his statement. The agent sends him away, and in the heat of the moment, Sheldon almost reveals further embarrassing details about Leonard's past relationship with a North Korean.

Sheldon looks for Howard in the cafeteria and confesses his offence to him. His apology is, however, not accepted by Howard. Consequently, Sheldon goes to the Cheesecake Factory and wants to drown his sorrows in alcohol. He picks a cocktail with an app, but Penny can't make it for him. Instead she gives Sheldon a shot, which he tries to drink twice and then spits back into the glass. In conversation with Penny, he gets the idea to reprogram Howard to make him forgive him. Unfortunately, his attempt does not work. Therefore Sheldon symbolically gives him his seat cushion, and with that, his place on the couch. Howard accepts his apology.

At the next evening in front of the television, Howard is happy about his new place. However, that only lasts a few seconds. Then Sheldon shoos him back off.