Die animalische Amy

The boys are sitting in the apartment eating. Sheldon wants to start an interesting conversation during the meal and asks which number is the best. It happens to be 73 and Sheldon explains why. Howard explains that he is not surprised that the girls don't want to eat with them.

In the meantime the three girls are sitting in a restaurant and Bernadette shows the jewelry that Howard has given her. She explains that she always gets jewelry after they have eaten with his mother. Penny encounters her ex-boyfriend Zack and introduces him to the girls. When Zack turns away and bends over, Amy gets a direct look at his behind and immediately notices that she is showing alarming symptoms like increased heart rate, sweaty palms and a dry mouth. She suspects that it is the flu.

Raj, Howard and Leonard sit together during lunch and speak about an incident in the chemistry lab during which radioactive rats bit a lab assistant. Raj regrets that the assistant did not turn into a superhero after the incident. Raj and Howard have an argument about who would be whose sidekick in such a case, like Batman and Robin.

Sheldon visits Amy in the lab just when she is dissecting a brain for study. Amy stops Sheldon, as Amy is in the middle of her temperature measurements. She explains to him that she would like to monitor her temperature and when Sheldon offers his support, she tells him her symptoms. She describes the situation to him at the restaurant. Sheldon creates for her a list of possible causes and along with thyroid problems and menopause, sexual arousal is also not excluded.

In order to finally clarify who is the sidekick of the others, Howard has brought a jar with a spider. Whoever pulls their arm out first is the sidekick. When the spider crawls onto Howard's arm, he becomes hysterical and takes his hand out.

Amy has checked her data and is confident that she was sexually aroused by Zack. That seems completely normal to her. She suspects jealousy on the part of Sheldon, who argues with this and storms out offended.

In the laundry room, Sheldon meets Penny and tells her about Amy's incident. Penny tries to convince him that he could help Amy. He misunderstands this and gets Zack's number. He asks him if he would like to start something with Amy.

Raj and Howard want to have a final answer to their argument and they meet each other with Leonard in the gym. A wrestling match is supposed to decide it. However, there has not been any progress made after thirty minutes.

Sheldon and Amy have gone to the bar, where Zack is waiting. She gives Zack a speech, in which she explains herself to him. However, when she realizes his stupid ways, she is suddenly turned off and leaves the bar. Sheldon is glad that Amy has caught herself, and they can both go home. On the way, Amy tests herself again and takes Sheldon's hand. But nothing happens.

Raj and Howard are still going around, while Leonard is already sleeping on the side.