Souvlaki statt Pizza

Leonard is in the shower, when Sheldon bursts in and urgently needs to use the bathroom. But just as he lifts the lid, Priya lets him know that she is also in the shower. Sheldon is shocked because his roommate agreement doesn't allow for something like this. In his urgent need, he knocks at Penny's to go there.

Just as Leonard and Priya are coming into the kitchen, Sheldon wants to charge him with a violation of the Roommate Agreement. But as a lawyer, Priya first wants to hear the points and to quietly inspect the agreement. She quickly finds exonerating points and takes the wind out of his sails.

In the evening, the boys eat Greek food together with Priya in the apartment. When Sheldon comes along and insists on pizza night, Priya is again able to make a fool out of him and to declare his rules void. Sheldon doesn't like the food at all and goes to Penny. But she would like to have a girls' night. When he learns that they plan to criticize Priya there, Sheldon decides on the spur of the moment to come along.

They start to gossip immediately about Priya’s clothes in the bar. But with increasing alcohol level, the girls quickly get very personal and ask Sheldon about his kissing experiences. Then the three want to go dancing with him too, and Sheldon surprises them with the statement that he can actually dance. The group of girls pull Sheldon into the next taxi and want to go with him to a dance event. And there Sheldon really makes a good figure on the floor. And Penny has quickly found a dance partner too.

Sheldon brings Amy home and she invites him into the house. There, she introduces him to the smoking monkey from the laboratory. Sheldon tells Amy about the partial abolition of the agreement by Priya. She encourages him to not submit so easily. Then she kisses Sheldon and has to vomit.

The next morning, Sheldon presents a new agreement. Leonard has only a few seconds to sign the agreement. If he does not sign, an email will automatically be sent to Priya's parents in which Sheldon informs them about her relationship with Leonard. Priya asks Leonard to sign the agreement, which he does in the last second.

Sheldon is chatting with Amy. She is hungover and describes the end of the night to Sheldon. Both decide to take the relationship back to the point before Amy crashed. In the background, you can hear Leonard and Priya fighting. He suspects that Priya finds their relationship embarrassing.