21 Sekunden

The boys are watching "Raiders of the Lost Ark" with Penny in the communal apartment. Even Penny, who has not yet seen the film, finds it quite good. Howard invites her to watch the version that is 21 seconds longer with them. Penny refuses - ultimately the whole film doesn't change because of 21 seconds. Consequently, Howard and Raj insinuate that in his relationship with Penny, Leonard sometimes has only lasted 21 seconds.

Before the evening of cinema the boys are sitting with Amy in the Cheesecake Factory. They are discussing whether they should eat in peace, or hurry in order to get to the cinema on time. Sheldon would like to start early, but he is outvoted by the others.

Bernadette is asked by Amy if she is going with them to the cinema. She declines and explains to Amy that she is organising a girls' evening with Penny. Consequently, Amy would like to come too, which Penny is not particularly enthusiastic about.

When the four arrive at the cinema, they are a long way back in the queue. Sheldon immediately blames Raj for their late arrival, since he ordered desserts during dinner.

Meanwhile, Amy reports to her girlfriends about their anatomical composition, which she believes to be an appropriate topic of conversation for women. Penny and Bernadette are noticeably unenthusiastic about Amy's explanations. As Penny invites Bernadette to stay overnight with her, Amy immediately joins. Since she has never participated at a pajama party, she is excited and starts a pillow fight.

The nerds unfold the seats they have brought and now have to wait and under no circumstances leave their place in the queue. Howard has taken precautions against unwanted toilet urges and is wearing a catheter bag on his leg. In the meanwhile Raj checks the length of the queue and has disturbing news. According to his count, there is a chance that they will not get tickets. Sheldon, who has been sitting back for a little nap, is immediately alarmed.

When Wil Weaton and his friends show up Sheldon tells them to go to the end of the queue. But Wheaton is clever and asks the ticket seller to let him in separately. Sheldon is pissed off. Then he even gets a Twitter message from Wheaton making fun of him.

The girls are having fun and make a prank call to Sheldon, in which Sheldon refers to himself as a "complete idiot" on the phone, without noticing.

After the successful phone prank, the girls play truth or dare. Amy has not yet understood the principle and asks completely incorrect questions. Penny and Bernadette must first explain the rules of the game. Currently Penny is pressured. Bernadette and Amy ask her about her relationship with Leonard and Penny becomes so embarrassed, that she leaves the two alone in the living room

Finally in front of the cinema the admittance begins and slowly the queue moves forward. But the guys have bad luck. When it is their turn, the hall is already full. While waiting to leave the place behind them, Sheldon does not want to accept it. He searches for another way into the movie theater and goes to find the back door. They succeed in getting into the theater unseen.

Sheldon disappears and returns a little later with the film roll under his arm. Outside the theater he meets Wil Wheaton and can't help but but wave the roll under his nose. Consequently, Wheaton then tells the entire theater and all of the Indiana Jones fans chase the four in order to retrieve the roll.