Das L-Wort

Penny and Leonard are lying in her bed and Leonard wheezes so hard that Penny offers him his inhaler. When Penny also quotes Master Yoda, Leonard is blown away, he tells her he loves her. Penny is uncertain and thanks him. Then she acts as if nothing had happened.

Leonard comes into the living room, where the other three guys are watching a movie. They're discussing the possibility of breeding giant ants. Leonard is annoyed and makes the others curious. They suspect hormonal fluctuations.

The boys are in the comic bookstore. They start to discuss giant hares. Leonard is in deep thought and wants to talk about something else. The boys suspect that he could have quarreled with Penny and ask about it. Sheldon and Stuart, meanwhile, are chatting about the evening bowling game, where their teams will face off against each other.

Even when the boys return to the apartment, Howard and Raj are still asking why Leonard and Penny have quarreled. They meet Penny in the hall and Sheldon reminds her that she has to come bowling.

When they are putting on shoes in the bowling alley, Stuart welcomes them with the news that he has Wil Wheaton on his team. Sheldon begins to argue with him immediately. During the course of the game, Wil and Sheldon come up against each other repeatedly. Penny and Leonard are sitting next to each other and Leonard offers her fries. Penny says that she loves fries. Then they get into an argument about how Penny didn't return Leonard's love confession. Now it's clear to Howard and Raj why the two are arguing. Penny runs off and, as a result, the boys lose.

Next evening, Sheldon knocks at Penny's door and brings her ice cream. She asks him to come in and apologises that she left early last evening. But Sheldon informs her that he has arranged a rematch for that evening. Penny is uncertain, but she wants to talk to Leonard. She meets him in the laundry room. When she brings up the subject, Leonard appears to show full understanding for her uncertainty.

When everyone meets in the bowling alley, Sheldon has brought T-shirts for everyone. The others definitely lack enthusiasm for the Wesley Crushers? . However, Sheldon wants the losers to be publicly humiliated by the winners.

The match begins and Sheldon straight away contests Wil. Meanwhile, Stuart chats with Penny and makes it clear that they both can get along well despite being on opposing teams. When Penny sits next to Wil, they start a conversation. He tells her a story of when he told his girlfriend that he loved her, and she strung him along for 2 years. He thinks she should have ended it straight away. Sheldon has heard the conversation and persuades Penny that she should not listen to Wil. When it's Penny's turn to bowl she loses her composure and disappears. Leonard fears that everything is over, not just the game.

In the final scene the four boys have to settle their debt. They walk into the comic book store dressed up. All four are wearing costumes of female comic book characters and are anything but happy. Except for Raj. He feels at home in his Catwoman costume.