Die Racheformel

Howard brings Bernadette home after their date. She kisses him at the door and wants to know how things will continue with them. He handles this clumsily and gives Bernadette the impression that he does not know what he wants. Bernadette would like him to report back when he does know. Howard comes into the appartment, where Penny and Leonard are suprised to see him already. Leonard draws from this that Bernadette has let him go.

Leonard, Howard, and Raj are sitting in the canteen with their food. Howard asks Leonard, whether Penny made it clear to him before the relationship, if she wanted a commitment. Leonard says no. Sheldon arrives and has news. Unfortunately, Kripke comes between them and takes the joy of reporting it first  away from him. He is a guest on a radio interview on Science Friday .

At the apartment Sheldon makes notes on discussion topics for the radio interview. He wants someone who has no knowledge about the topics to read them, so he can see whether they are understandable for everyone. He chooses Howard, who reacts offended.

Penny enters and wants to know from Howard why he has not answered Bernadette. But Howard is not sure whether she is the right woman for him. Penny cannot understand him, however.

Sheldon's radio interview draws near. Kripke lets Helium flow into his office from the next room. After only a short time, Sheldon's voice is squeaky and the entire canteen laughs at him.

Howard is sitting in the bath and has a fantasy about Katie Seckhoff. But she starts talking about Bernadette at once, and that bursts Howards dream.

Leonard and Raj look for Sheldon in his room. They want rebuild him after his lamentable appearance. Sheldon plans to take revenge on Kripke, but does not know yet how.

Howard is at the Cheesecake Factory looking for Bernadette But she does not want to see him. Howard proposes to her in front of all the guests, but Bernadette turns him down.

Sheldon shows Raj and Leonard his plan for revenge. He has made a solution that will turn into a thick foam when combined with washing liquid. He has already filled this in Kripke's lab between the panels of the suspended ceiling. With a webcam, he wants to record the event. As soon as Kripke comes into laboratory, the action starts. But he sees on the screen that Kripke has brought the University Board of Directors as well to the laboratory. And then the whole mess falls down on the assembled group. To make everything worse, a video pops up on Kripke's laptop, in which Sheldon outs himself as the culprit and also thanks Raj and Leonard for their support. Raj plans to flee to India.

Bernadette is working at the Cheesecake Factory, when she sees Howard sitting at the keyboard. He plays a rock song, in which he apologizes. Penny pities Bernadette because of the performance, but Bernadette is delighted.