Spaghetti mit Würstchen

Penny is standing in the hallway looking through her mail when Sheldon drops by. He doesn't know how to behave now that Penny and Leonard are separated. Penny wants Sheldon to no longer talk about it and they will remain good friends They chat and Penny asks about Leonard. Sheldon is delighted to see his favorite spaghetti sauce in Penny's shopping bag. Penny invites him to eat with her, and Sheldon asks if the sauce has pieces of cut up hotdog in it.

In the apartment Sheldon confesses to the others that he and Penny have spoken. Leonard doesn't think it matters But Howard and Raj think that Sheldon has to decide whose side he's on. The boys have also brought Sheldon food, and Sheldon acts as if he is delighted. After all he can not admit that Penny has already invited him. During the meal Leonard asks his friends about further plans for the evening. Howard has no time and Raj is offended that he is being asked now when Leonard is solo again. Sheldon excuses himself and goes to the refrigerator where he then hides the sausages in his pants. Then he wants to have an after-dinner walk. Howard would like to accompany him, he has to pick up his mother.

Sheldon accompanies Howard to his scooter and says goodbye. But when he wants to go back home and to Penny's place, he encounters a big dog who has smelled the sausage.

When Sheldon rings the bell at Penny's place, he is upset and still has a sausage in his hand.

Raj and Leonard watch TV in the flat and Raj makes it clear to Leonard that he does not want to be alone any more. He still wants to go out and look for a woman. But Leonard is not in a mood to go out. He comforts Raj that he will soon find a woman who will then break his heart.

Sheldon and Penny are eating spaghetti and Penny is delighted that Leonard has no problem with the fact that Sheldon spends time with Penny. Sheldon, however, now has stomach problems because he ate to much food and whines even more when Penny announces a cheesecake.

Sheldon comes back to the flat and Raj and Leonard inquire on where Scheldon was for so long. However, he cannot find any reasonable explanation and so he goes to his room.

At night, Sheldon knocks on Leonard's door and wants to talk to him. He confesses that he has met with Penny. He briefly explains that he was invited to the dinner. Leonard asks why Sheldon then ate with them and explains to him that he has no problem with Sheldon's friendship with Penny. Sheldon suddenly feels well and now wants to tell him about his encounter with the dog.

Penny meets Leonard in the laundry room. They talk briefly and Penny tells him that they should go shopping with Sheldon. Actually, Leonard wanted to do that. Yet when he also learns that Sheldon is going with her to Disney land, he is at first irritated, then definitely gives her hints.

Penny brings Sheldon back in the evening after the trip. Leonard is angry, because he had brought food for Sheldon. As Sheldon has gone to bed, Leonard still invites Penny for a coffee.

In the closing scene, Leonard and Penny are eyeing the sleeping Sheldon with his Mickey Mouse Cap on his head. Penny says, that they both will manage to be friends to him.