Howards Phasen

Howard and Leonard get ready for a double date with Penny and Bernardette. They can hardly believe they have girlfriends, more than they publicly care to admit. Howard warns him that he likes public displays of affection. Raj comes in bringing a new version of "Watchmen". Howard and Leonard, however, have to turn him down. Only Sheldon stays behind. While Raj is sad, Sheldon is glad that he can now perform a backup in peace during the evening. Raj is not very enthusiastic about this prospect.

Raj tries to persuade Sheldon to undertake another evening activity, but Sheldon does not want to do anything. Raj is desperate and whines and begs to make Sheldon go out with him.

Howard and Leonard are on the way to the restaurant with their girlfriends. They are talking about Penny's acting career. A fortune teller has predicted that she will get a role if she cuts her hair. When Leonard laughs at her, Penny gets into a huff.

Raj persuades Sheldon to go to an event at the University. But Sheldon insisted on taking his lantern from the "Green Lantern" with him. Raj checks out the women present and asks for Sheldon's help. But before Raj can speak to the first woman, Sheldon's lantern draws the attention of all the ladies.

There is a tense atmosphere in the restaurant. Leonard and Penny begin to argue again because of the Fortune Teller. Leonard would like help from Bernadette and Howard, but they do not want to interfere

After the meal Penny brushes Leonard off, goes into her apartment slamming the door in his face. when Leonard comes to the flat, Sheldon and Raj are playing rock intruments on a game console with their friends.

Leonard and Howard speak in the Laboratory about Penny's Fortune Teller. Leonard needs help as to how he can reconcile himself with Penny. Howard calculates Leonard's chances with women, and lets him know that he has a small selection of potential partners, and that he has no chance of ending up with his ideal woman, so he must make compromises.

Sheldon is sitting on the sofa and reading a Finnish dictionary Raj enters He has received a message that the two ladies want to meet them again. But Sheldon is not interested. Raj asks him to go along again. But Sheldon stands firm Then Raj unpacks the hands of the Hulk, signed by Stan Lee. Sheldon is overwhelmed and tells Raj.

Leonard meets Penny in the laundry room. He is starting a conversation, but Penny is still angry. Leonard apologizes to Penny, but she would like him to accompany her to the fortune teller. Leonard finally gives in, because one should remain impartial.

Sheldon and Raj have visit from their acquaintances. While Raj gets ready to kiss his woman, Sheldon is underneath with his visitors. Just then Sheldon gets tired and decides to go to bed, leaving his visitors. She comes in his room a little bit later and would like to keep him company. Sheldon invites her- and informs her that he will sleep in Leonard's room.