Die Herren des Rings

The four boys arrive in the apartment with a big cardboard box. Penny is already expecting them there, in the hope that they have brought food. But she is disappointed. The boys were distracted briefly before the restaurant and have bought a box at a junk dealer. They search through this and find, among other things, an Alf plushie that reminds Howard of his father. There are also some action figures in the box. Then Sheldon finds the One Ring from. The Lord of the Rings? . The four look at him and repeat the inscription on the ring.

In the Cheesecake Factory, Howard has a surprise. He has given the ring to a friend to examine, because there is no copyright engraving. This means the ring is the original from the film. Sheldon thinks this is nonsense, but Howard defends the theory. Nine were made for the film and all except one were destroyed. The last ring was stolen. And the four boys now have this one before them. Howard estimates its worth at about $15,000 and Raj immediately thinks about a new jet ski, but Sheldon wants to keep the ring. Leonard, on the contrary, wants to send the ring back to Peter Jackson. Howard proposes blackmailing him for a role in the new Hobbit movie.

Now the four get in a fight about the further use. Leonard suggests that Penny keep the ring until a solution is found.

At night, Sheldon creeps into Penny and Leonard's bedroom. He wants to take the ring from Penny, but just before he can take it, Penny wakes up and hits him in the face.

The next day, in the canteen, Howard jokes about Sheldon's injury. Raj, meanwhile, has engaged a lawyer via Skype who is demanding a jet ski for Raj. Leonard has had enough and wants to return the ring, but Sheldon has already taken the ring from him. The four get back in an argument and all lay their hands on the ring. They decide that whoever lets go first gets the ring. But no one wants to give in and so they go as a foursome to the apartment. Penny comes home and manages to pry Leonard away from the ring with her purchases. So now only Sheldon, Raj and Howard are still sitting on the sofa with their fingers on the ring.

Raj tries to get rid of Howard with insinuations about his mother. When that does not help, Raj and Howard try to scare off Sheldon with a story about his grandma. Sheldon, however, tries to induce the two to go to the toilet and it works-even with him. They all go together into the bathroom .

When all three are sleeping together on the couch, Raj cuddles up to Howard and lets go of the ring. Sheldon wakes up and wants to clean it. Then he sees Gollum's hideous features in the mirror. Sheldon screams and wakes up. Howard and Raj also start in terror. They search for the ring, but it is gone. Leonard explains that he sent the ring to Peter Jackson. In his room, he takes out the ring and calls it "Precious."

At night, Sheldon goes once again into Leonard's room. He discovers the ring at Leonard's neck and wants to take it from him, but Leonard wakes up and they fight in the bed. Penny gets up and goes over to her apartment.