Für ihn oder mit ihm

The boys are watching "Gremlins" together. Penny comes along and sits herself down as well. She invites the boys to Thanksgiving. Unfortunately Howard has to decline, because his mother makes her famous turkey every year. When he asks Raj whether he is coming to his place again this year, Raj runs to the bathroom.

Howard spoke with Raj. Raj is afraid he will be deported. They ask Penny to go out so the boys can speak with him. Raj tells them that he has hit a dead end with his research and is therefore in danger of being kicked out. He doesn't want to go back to India so the guys think about how they can help him. Penny calls from outside, that he should look for another job.

In the cafeteria, Raj moans that he will miss the hamburgers. Howard comes to the others and says that Professor Laughlin is looking for a coworker for his new project. At his interview he starts out showing his ability, but then a colleague from MIT comes in and Raj has to quickly drink some sherry. But unfortunately he drinks too much and he makes offensive remarks. Therefore he does not get the job.

In the apartment Raj is depressed that he will be deported after all. Howard and Leonard are with him. Then Sheldon comes and has good news. He got additional money for his new project and can let Raj work with him. Raj is unenthusiastic about the idea of working with Sheldon.

Raj knocks on Sheldon's office door He has changed his mind and wants to work with Sheldon after all. He also has a couple conditions for Sheldon, but he rejects them all and instead asks Raj to do an interview. Raj feels mocked- Sheldon actually played a joke on him. He hires Raj.

Penny and Leonard are cuddling on the sofa and enjoying the peace. Then Howard knocks and interrupts their quiet time together. He sits down and watches TV with them.

Raj and Sheldon are in the office and stare at their calculations. However, even after hours, no solution presents itself.

When Penny and Leonard come out of the bedroom, Howard is already in the kitchen. He makes them scrambled eggs. Since Raj is still at the office with Sheldon, he has nothing else to do. Leonard tries to make it clear to him that they would both like a little more privacy and Howard leaves, somewhat sadly. Penny feels sorry for him and calls him back. Howard was already waiting outside the door, so he could come right back in.

In the office, Raj and Sheldon are getting on each other's nerves. Raj holds Sheldon's records for trash He provides a bill and the situation escalates Raj leaves and lets Sheldon stay in the office.

Later, Sheldon calls on Raj. He realized that his calculations were incorrect. In his own way, he apologizes to Raj. Eventually Raj has to drive him home as well, because a vicious dog is standing outside the door and Sheldon is afraid to go past him.