Die dunkle Seite des Mondes

Raj and Howard discuss about the sexual intercourse in Pandora, as Leonard comes in. He has a surprise for Sheldon; he is getting the science prize. Sheldon is ecstatic and disappears to interview himself. Raj and Howard are sceptical that Sheldon is receiving the prize- his overconfidence is already too high.

The boys are watching a 3D Movie. Only Raj didn't get glasses, because he didn't buy any drinks. Sheldon gets a phone call from Chancellor Morton, who informs him that he must give an acceptance speech to get his award. But Sheldon can not give speeches in front of large groups. Penny comes in and brings cake. She tries to cheer up Sheldon, but makes little impression on him. He is traumatized by an experience in his youth and faints at the memory of this experience.

When Sheldon comes home the next day, his friends are already waiting for him. They have a surprise for Sheldon: they want to help him to overcome his stage fright. Penny wants to go shopping with him, Leonard wants to analyse and help his psyche, Raj wants to meditate with him and Howard tries to act as if he is interested in his problem.

First, Raj tries with meditation. Sheldon is sceptical but he tries it. However, he can not concentrate and constantly interrupts Raj. Raj is annoyed and finally quits. Now Penny wants to buy a new suit for Sheldon. Sheldon, however, doesn't like Penny's selection and picks only suits with horrible patterns and colours.

Next, Leonard attempts to analyse Sheldon and wants to converse with him Sheldon relates one of his dreams, but because it was so strange, Leonard only wants to talk. But Sheldon sees through his tactics and is just bored. Then the conversation flips and, in the end, Leonard tells about one of his childhood experiences. That seems to help Sheldon, and he claims he will be able to do the speech now.

At the awards ceremony Leonard introduces Sheldon with a speech. Meanwhile Sheldon sits down at the table and worries about his turn to go up. Penny tries to help him and offers him some alcohol. When Leonard asks Sheldon on stage, Sheldon is completely drunk. He tells jokes and talks casually. The guests are irritated.

The next morning Sheldon is throwing up in front of Penny and Leonard in the kitchen. He asks where his pants are. Leonard wants Sheldon to watch a YouTube video. In the video he takes his trousers off during the speech. And just when Sheldon thinks it can't get any worse, he then reveals his behind to the guests. Sheldon is shocked.