Nie mehr dumme Typen

The four boys are on the rooftop and have set up an experiment. They want to shoot a laser at the Moon Raj observes the neighbors with a telescope, or their television programs, while Sheldon nearly loses it because a sock is on one of their gadgets. Leonard thinks that Penny would also enjoy their experiment, and Raj suggests that he get her. Leonard would like to go get her. When Leonard knocks at her door and explains the experiment to her, he meets her new boyfriend Zack. He would really like to see the whole thing on the roof, however, he understands relatively little and also looks otherwise to be not the brightest.

On the roof, Howard has now removed the sock. When everyone is together, Leonard explains the entire experiment again. In fact, it became known in 1969 that there were reflectors on the moon from the moon landing. Now the boys want to fire off a laser, which will be bounced back from these reflectors to a photomultiplier. Penny is interested, but Zack asks stupid questions and leaves Sheldon astonished.

When the experiment succeeds, the boys are beside themselves. However, for Zack the whole thing is much too boring. Penny and Zack say goodbye and Penny is clearly embarrassed by Zack's stupidity. Sheldon says that he must have other merits.

Howard thinks that Leonard should find a new girlfriend if he has a problem with Penny's new relationship. He proposes an online dating site, which supposedly will find the perfect partner for everyone. Raj proposes a new experiment to Howard: to use a dating website to find Sheldon a girlfriend.

Penny, who is drunk, knocks on the door that night. Leonard opens it and is irritated, when Penny blames him for the fact that since her relationship with him, she cannot tolerate stupid guys any more. Quickly she takes his hand and walks him into the bedroom.

The next morning Sheldon catches Penny as she wants to leave the apartment. He loudly reproaches her about last night. Penny leaves the apartment quickly.

Leonard comes into the kitchen. He is disappointed because Penny did not say goodbye to him.

As Leonard leaves the apartment, he encounters Penny. He wants to make a date, but Penny wants to make it clear that last night was a mistake Leonard is angry but Penny lets him be.

Leonard lies sadly on the floor, while Raj checks Sheldon's profile on the dating site, using his laptop. In fact, the two have found the perfect match for Sheldon. Howard, who is also present, comes back from the bathroom. But Leonard shows little interest in that. Raj and Howard reply to a few of their choices in Sheldon's name.

Meanwhile, Leonard visits Leslie Winkle. He wants to revive their affair once again. But Leslie realizes why he wants to do that: He wants to copy Penny, because he is hurt. She lets him stand in front of the door.

Raj and Howard are successful: a potential partner wants to meet with Sheldon. But then Sheldon comes, and the two boys have to tell him the truth. However, when Sheldon hears that he does not take the whole thing seriously. Using a trick, nevertheless, Howard and Raj are able to make him come to the date.

As Sheldon arrives at his date, he doesn't expect success. He believes dating sites are a hoax. But then his date Amy arrives, and it quickly becomes clear that Amy is a perfect match for Sheldon. The two get along well, and Howard and Raj fear that they have done something terrible.