Freiflug nach Genf

Howard calls Bernadette from the cafeteria and gets on Raj and Sheldon’s nerves with his flirting. Only Leonard understands him, and he is glad that he also has a girlfriend. Howard tells them that on the upcoming Valentine's day he and Bernadette will go out to eat, to which Raj mentions his lonely dinner at home. Leonard, on the other hand, can hardly wait to tell about his plans: he was invited to travel to Switzerland and, among other things, he may see the new particle accelerator. And he is allowed to bring a companion. Sheldon immediately runs home and wants to pack in excited anticipation. When he is gone, Howard and Raj find out that Leonard will take Penny.

Leonard confesses to Sheldon that he will take Penny. Sheldon is outraged. Leonard surprises Penny with the trip to Switzerland and she is very happy about it. Sheldon comes in and explains that only he can go along, as exactly that was stated in the roommate agreement. Leonard and Penny are angry and Leonard insists on going with Penny anyway. Sheldon leaves in a huff.

When Sheldon and Leonard drive to the university together, Sheldon is still angry. Leonard asks him to understand but Sheldon remains obstinate.

Next morning Leonard is awakened by a gentle melody and pancakes. Leonard is surprised and suspicious. Sheldon is pursuing a particular intention: in this way he wants to win Leonard around. But when Leonard makes it clear to him that he still may not go along, Sheldon takes the breakfast away from him.

In the laundry room Sheldon takes Penny by surprise. He has brought a Powerpoint presentation that should make it clear to Penny that Sheldon should travel to Switzerland. Penny tries to make it clear to him that Leonard has decided it that way. Shortly before he goes, Sheldon makes Penny feel bad (about the situation), so she lets him have the place. They hug each other.

In the shared apartment, Raj explains that he can have a nice Valentine's day without a girlfriend, but Howard doesn't think so. Sheldon is happy that he can travel to Switzerland now, but Leonard is angry at him and insists on Penny going along. Sheldon terminates the friendship because of that.

As Penny and Leonard are lying in bed, they dream of the evening together in Switzerland. Then, Penny begins to sneeze. Shortly after that, Penny has to withdraw. She suspects the flu. Leonard is nervous because of the trip.

Finally, Leonard knocks at Sheldon's door and offers to take him along. However, Sheldon has to withdraw as well.

Sheldon and Penny sit together in the apartment, being sick. Sheldon asks himself where he got the flu from as it occurs to him that he hugged Penny.

In the final scene, Leonard moves into his room in a hotel in Switzerland. Raj is his companion, and he is happy that he gets to experience such a beautiful Valentine's day.