Die Grillenwette

The boys are in the Comic Book Store, where Howard and Sheldon are discussing Wolverine. The others are surprised that Leonard has come, as he is spending almost every free minute with Penny. They make fun of Leonard and Penny's sex life. But Leonard admits that the sex is not that great.

They all sit together in the flat at dinner. Howard and Raj make fun of Leonard when he makes a remark about the food, which is merely. "very nice" . Penny does not understand this and so Sheldon makes her aware of the underwhelming sex life between her and Leonard.

Penny disappears, irritated, and Leonard runs after her to talk with her about that. Penny explains that maybe they should just get to know each other better and pours some wine for both of them.

The other three are just continuing to eat in the apartment, when they they hear the chirping of a cricket. Sheldon recognises the species, but he gets into an argument with Howard, who doubts the species They bet about the comic However, for the resolution they need to capture the cricket. They search through the closet and end up in the hall. Then they hear the cricket in the elevator shaft.

Penny and Leonard are now drunk and are not aware of anything the others are doing. Meanwhile, Sheldon has climbed into the shaft. But Howard and Raj hear the cricket on the stairs and follow it down the steps.

Leonard is now vomiting in Penny's bathroom. When Penny notices it, she also begins to vomit.

Raj, Howard and Sheldon sit with the cricket in the cafeteria. Howard triumphs at first, because he is correct in his assumption, but Sheldon insists that his opinion is correct. They can not clearly identify the cricket. Leonard is now also with them, and he is not doing well. But the others are not paying attention to him. They want to go to Entomology, to finally identify the cricket properly.

Once in the laboratory, they want to ask the professor who is there. He, however, is sure that they want to have his job. The three are irritated. They show him the cricket and he confirms Howard's conjecture. When Sheldon doubts his knowledge, the professor completely freaks out. Sheldon accepts the answer and the three leave.

When Sheldon meets Penny at the postbox, he has his comic book for Howard with him. He has taken it out of the safe deposit box. The conversation turns out to be again on Penny and Leonard's sex life. When Leonard hears of it in the apartment, he immediately goes over to Penny's. He wants to know what was said. Penny is unsure whether it wouldn't be better if they were only friends again. But just when both of them agree about it, they fall into each other's arms again.