Der Gitarrist auf der Couch

Sheldon, Leonard and Penny are playing Sheldon's self designed game. Research Labratory. Penny is not really enthusiastic but Sheldon is all for it. When he proposes to play the game on Sunday with Raj and Howard, Penny, however, has to disappoint him. A musician friend pays her a visit and will stay overnight That however makes Leonard anxious. As he learns that Penny had already dated him a few times, his jealousy drives the two of them into a full-scale argument. Penny becomes furious.

In the car Leonard is still mad at Penny. Sheldon wants to distract him and to play a game with him. Leonard however is not at all for it and moans further. Sheldon is annoyed about it, so he leaves.

The boys want to go to the cinema and rush out of the apartment. In the hall they meet Penny, who has just come from work. Leonard wants to talk with her and sends the others ahead. But Penny wants an apology and since Leonard does not want to, they leave again fighting.

In the comic book store, Howard makes allusions to Leonard's relationship while looking through a comic. They missed the show and have to pass the time until the next one. Leonard seeks advice from his friends about how he can reconcile with Penny. But there Raj and Howard also start fighting, and that aggrevates Sheldon. He cries out and imitates a fight of his parents, before leaving the shop.

Sheldon goes into the Cheesecake Factory, where he meets Penny. He wants Penny to apologise. He bombards her with questions from the menu But Penny is annoyed and doesn't want to apologise. Nevertheless, Sheldon points out to her that Leonard is also annoying. However, Penny only becomes angrier

In the WG, Sheldon now asks Leonard to apologise to Penny. However Penny comes in and abuses Leonard because things supposedly bother him. While the two loudly argue, Sheldon bolts. While the two loudly argue, Sheldon bolts.

Sheldon knocks on Raj's door, who is currently having a discussion with his parents. But Sheldon bolts once again when he notices the argument.

Penny and Leonard are in the car on the road looking for Sheldon. He then knocks on Howard's door. There he hears Howard and his mother arguing about who should open the door. So he goes again.

Leonard and Penny come into the comic book store and meet up with Sheldon. They try to persuade him to come home with the promise that they will no longer argue. Penny tries to explain to him that she will always love him no matter what happens. She manages to get Sheldon to come home

Penny and Leonard lie in Penny's bed. Leonard asks where Penny's friend is staying overnight and she says that he is a musician and will sleep anywhere Shortly after that you see Sheldon who is sitting on his sofa and next to him Penny's friend is sleeping