Sex oder Pralinen

Penny dances in the kitchen and makes French toast for breakfast. Sheldon comes in cautiously, he is not delighted about it. He also wants to have for his breakfast nothing but oat meal. He shouts at Leonard to move their relationship life into Penny's apartment, but since their bed is broken this unfortunately won't do. After Penny and Leonard disappeared from the Kitchen, he is about to try Penny's breakfast. But he remains strong and throws it in the trash.

Penny tells a story from work to Leonard and Sheldon. But Sheldon makes snide remarks, and Leonard asks him to be nice. When she clears away the dishes after dinner, Sheldon offers her a chocolate.

Raj and Howard enter. They are all dressed to go to a Gothic bar, but the others are skeptical and don't want to go with them So the two go alone.

In the bar, Howard and Raj are sure that they hardly stand out from the others. They talk to two women, who even want to have a drink with them.

Leonard, Penny and Sheldon watch a movie together. When Penny starts to talk between them, it makes Sheldon pay attention to them. Penny promises to improve and promptly gets a chocolate for it. When she briefly goes to make a call, Leonard confronts Sheldon. He does not want Sheldon to "train" his girlfriend. The two get in a fight, and Sheldon hostility sprays Leonard with water.

Howard and Raj are deep in conversation with the two women. When they want to leave the bar, the guys do not say no. But they end up in a tattoo shop.

Penny is still on the phone. Leonard and Sheldon are still discussing because of Sheldon's behaviour towards her. Leonard wants him to be more understanding and friendly. When she returns, Sheldon continues with his chocolate plan.

In the tattoo shop Howard is already on the couch. Raj talks to him and tries to persuade him to not get the tattoo. But Howard wants to impress the girls. However, when the tattoo artist is about to start, Howard jumps up from the couch. He reveals the truth to the women about himself and Raj. The women disappear.

In the apartment he wants to go to bed and ask Penny for more peace and quiet. She agrees and catches the candy thrown for her with her mouth. Leonard is shocked.

She offered for Leonard to come over, because her new bed has arrived.

On the drive home Howard and Raj discuss what they want to tell their friends. They construct together an exciting story and plan to go to a country bar the next evening.