Das Gorilla-Projekt

The boys are eating with Penny in the apartment, and Penny annoys Sheldon simply by helping herself from a bowl. Then Howard enters with his new girlfriend Bernadette. When he tells them that she should also eat with them, Sheldon freaks out completely. Then Sheldon (sic) would also like, by mistake, to sit at Sheldon's place and Penny must explain to her why that can not be. Sheldon is then optimistic that there is still hope for Penny.

Bernadette is very interested in Leonard's work. Sheldon makes derisive comments about it, but Bernadette wants to learn more. Leonard consequently invites her to show her his simulations on the laptop.

Raj and Sheldon play Mario Kart, whereas Sheldon miserably loses. Penny enters and asks Sheldon for help. She would like to learn something about physics, so that she can talk with Leonard about his work. Sheldon refuses at first, but Penny is able to persuade him. Unfortunately, her background knowledge is very scarce, but she encourages Sheldon to turn it into an experiment.

Howard comes with Bernadette to the cafeteria and loses no chance to emphasize that she is his girlfriend. They meet Leonard, who is just about to install the electron accelerator. He invites Bernadette to join. When Bernadette goes away briefly, however, Howard accuses him of coming on to Bernadette. However, Leonard is just trying to be friendly.

Sheldon starts his diary on the subject? Gorilla project? In which he wants to teach Penny physics. Penny comes in, and Sheldon criticizes her because she doesn't have a pad on which to take notes. He begins his explanation in Ancient Greece, but Penny is impatient.

Howard and Bernadette make out in Howard's room But Howard's mother comes back early and disturbs the two. But Howard can send her away for shopping again. At that moment, however, Leonard sends an SMS, and Howard and Bernadette get into an argument. She leaves the house

Sheldon explains physics to Penny yet again, but Penny hasn't got a clue. This exasperates Sheldon. Penny starts to cry and asks him to simply explain what exactly Leonard does. But Sheldon starts again in ancient Greece

Howard reproaches Leonard for the SMS. Then Bernadette comes to participate in Leonard's experiment. Howard apologizes to her and tells her that he has just been feeling threatened by Leonard. She forgives him.

During dinner at the apartment, Penny and Bernadette are there again. When Leonard remarks that not everyone is interested in his work, Penny bursts out with her newly acquired knowledge about Leonard's work, which she has learned by heart. With that she impresses Leonard, as well as Raj and Howard, and Sheldon gives her a nod for having done it correctly.