Sheldon pro se

Howard, Leonard and Sheldon are in the comic book store when Raj comes in. Raj, wearing a T shirt with speakers which can play several pieces of music, makes an entrance with the Imperial March playing. The others are embarrassed. Leonard is talking to Stuart and learns that Stan Lee is coming to the store for an autograph session. The boys are excited and Raj joins in with suitable music on his T-shirt.

The four are sitting on the floor picking out which comic books they want signed. Howard gets a papercut and takes an adhesive bandage from Sheldon's drawer. Penny comes in and Leonard tells her about Stan Lee. However, she doesn't know him.

In the drawer next to the paychecks, Howard finds an unopened letter from the court. Sheldon has received a summons for running a red light. Sheldon remembers immediately that on that night he took Penny to the hospital after she had slipped in the shower.

When Sheldon learns from Penny that she had fingered him as the driver because she could not pay the fine, he is outraged. He decides not to pay the fine and wants to prepare extensively for his defense. When Leonard reminds him that it on the same day that Stan Lee is due to be at the comic book store, Sheldon blames Penny for ruining the autograph session for all four of them. He insists they all come to court with him. But Howard, Raj and Leonard don't even give it a thought. Consequently, only Penny goes with him to help.

Sheldon picks up Penny for the appointment. He has prepared a statement and wants her to go through it again with him. It is written in a very informal slang intending to emphasize Penny's Nebraska origin. Also she shouldn't neglect to shed a few tears.

When Sheldon finally stands before the judge, he is arrogant as usual. But the judge makes short work of it and declares him guilty. When Sheldon goes into a rage he is promptly jailed.

In the meantime, the boys are standing in the line in the comic book store. There Leonard receives the call from Penny that Sheldon was arrested. But he gets rid of her fast.

In the meantime, Sheldon remains in prison but eventually he relents and apologizes.

In the apartment, the boys are comparing their Stan Lee autographs, when Penny and Sheldon get home. The boys not only make fun of him but rub his nose in the fact that he had not been invited by Stan Lee to have gelato. Sheldon takes his frustration out on Penny.

Penny goes to Stuart in the comic book store and wants to talk to him. She would like to bring Sheldon to meet with Stan Lee. Stuart gives her his address in return for her promise to accompany him to a wedding.

Sheldon and Penny stand in front of Stan Lee's door. He is very rude when he opens the door, however, since the two were uninvited. But Sheldon takes the liberty of inviting himself in, upon which Stan Lee calls the police.

Howard, Raj and Leonard are sitting in the apartment eating when Sheldon enters. He is proud that he has a personally signed restraining order from Stan Lee. Moreover, he is pleased that he will see him again at the hearing.