Der Nordpol-Plan

The nerds are back from their north pole expedition All of their faces are heavily bearded - except Sheldon. As they come back to their appartment, Leonard wants to announce his return. But Penny has scarcely opened the door, before she is around his neck and pulling him into her apartment. Howard and Raj jealously remain standing by the door.

Meanwhile, Sheldon is sure that the Nobel Prize beckons to him. Raj and Howard, however, must make a confession: When Sheldon had not yet gotten any positive results in the first weeks of the expedition, he was decidedly odious. Thus, the three manipulated his experiment to improve his mood. Sheldon is beside himself.

Leonard and Penny are making out, as Sheldon knocks. As Penny opens the door, Sheldon confronts Leonard. Now Penny also learns of the deception. But Leonard says they would still have the old results. Unfortunately, however, Sheldon had already sent his pioneering research to the University. Sheldon leaves, offended.

Penny goes to Sheldon and wants to talk to him, but he is deeply hurt. Penny tries to cheer him up with a story of her childhood. But unfortunately, the conversation clearly fails.

Howard, Leonard and Raj chat in the cafeteria. They are curious about everything that is going on between him and Penny. When Sheldon comes and sits at another table, Leonard wants to talk to him again. He apologises, but Kripke comes and makes fun of Sheldon. Then Sheldon makes a short speech in front of his assembled colleagues, announcing that his career has only had a small set-back and then leaves.

Leonard visits Penny and gives her a snowflake from the North Pole. But there they are interrupted by Howard and Raj, who inform them that Sheldon has resigned and run away. Then Sheldon's mother calls and it is all clear: Sheldon is with her in Texas. They are planning to go there and retrieve Sheldon.

Sheldon, meanwhile, sits with his Mother at dinner. She tries to start a conversation with him about what happened, but Sheldon stonewalls her. Raj, Howard, and Leonard are on their way to Sheldon, but in this environment, they don't know where to start.

The boys arrive and ring Sheldon's mother's doorbell. When Sheldon meets the three, he refuses at first to come with them. But he has a difference of opinion with his mother and quickly changes his mind.

In the final scene, Leonard is finally in bed with Penny. Both find the situation strange.