Fast wie Einstein

Sheldon is working on his calculations in the apartment when Penny comes out of Leonard's room. Sheldon is not getting any further with his work and worked all night on it. Leonard and Penny find this funny. Leonard encourages him to start all over again. Sheldon accepts his proposal and immediately throws his blackboard out of the window.

In the canteen, Sheldon is still digging in his papers. Howard and Leonard make jokes about it. Raj steps in and proposes that they visit the roller skating rink together. But Howard and Leonard want to go with their girlfriends, and Raj feels excluded and offended. Sheldon believes that he has found the solution for his work and makes a model from their lunch.

After roller skating, Penny and Bernadette are back to normal: the evening was quite awkward for both of them after the boys performed their own disco dance. When they come into the apartment, Penny and Leonard slip on the marbles with which Sheldon wants to solve his work. Bernadette makes it clear to him that he urgently needs sleep and sends him to bed.

When Penny and Leonard are sleeping, Leonard's cell phone rings. Sheldon broke into a children's playhouse and is sitting in the ball pen. There he wishes to carry out his work, since there the balls have a reasonable size. Leonard wants to pull him out of the pen, but Sheldon dives into the balls over and over.

When Leonard and Penny are fast asleep, Sheldon bends over her and knocks. He now knows how he can solve his work. He wants to do it like Einstein. He wants to find simple employment for himself so that he can again let his ideas breathe.

He inquires at the office if there are any low-grade jobs available. But when the lady asks about his former job, Sheldon tells about his work at the university, and then the lady calls security.

Shortly thereafter, Penny is surprised by Sheldon in the Cheesecake Factory. He simply snatched himself an apron and wants to work there without a salary. Penny is opposed to this, but Sheldon insists. Ultimately he even waits upon his friends. When Sheldon drops some plates, the realization finally hits him: he finally understands how he can solve the pattern. Penny wants him to clean up the mess, but Sheldon has no time for that.

In the evening, Howard and Raj go to the roller rink and perform their disco dance. Meanwhile, Leonard chases down Sheldon, yet again, in the ball pit of the children's playhouse.