Der Mann, der seine Omi liebte

Howard, Raj and Leonard are playing their card game, "Mystic Warlords of Ka'a". Penny is also playing with them, but she is not so thrilled. Meanwhile Sheldon is sitting at the PC and working. He is aware of the game and realizes which cards Penny must have in her hand. The game has finished and Penny is finally allowed to go.

When Leonard remarks that he still can't believe that she is his girlfriend, Howard remembers their pact. They had sworn that when one gets a hot girlfriend, the other one must ensure that he gets together with one of her girlfriends. Sheldon even reminded Leonard when he made this pact with Howard.

In the canteen, Leonard and Sheldon are sitting for a meal. Howard comes along to see whether Leonard has asked Penny about her girlfriend. Leonard is hesitant at first, but then agrees. Raj has news for Sheldon. Stuart is organizing a Mystic Warlords of Ka'a tournament, and he wants to participate with Sheldon. But Sheldon doesn't want to, because it is not a challenge for him.

Leonard is lying in bed with Penny and telling her about his pact with Howard. Penny refuses, but Leonard begs her to at least think about it.

At the comic books store, Sheldon rummages through the comic books. Raj finds Wil Wheaton on the list of tournament participants again. Sheldon can hardly believe that his former role model is taking part in it. He recounts his trip to an autograph signing he traveled to as a child. At the time he was bitterly disappointed, and since then he has hated him. Now Sheldon wants to participate in the tournament in order to get back at Wil Wheaton.

Howard is with Penny and Leonard on the way to a double date with Penny's friend. He is curious who his date will be.

During the tournament, Sheldon only has his eyes on Wil Wheaton Completely incidentally, he and Raj win the other games. Sheldon's goal is to meet Wil Wheaton in the finals and then to destroy him

In the meantime, Howard gets to meet his date: Bernadette Unfortunately, she doesn't understand his humor and consequently Howard's jokes go over badly. Leonard and Penny are already annoyed with their own date.

In the meantime, Sheldon and Raj have won their semi-finals and Sheldon waits for Wil Wheaton.

In the restaurant, Howard tries in vain to start an interesting conversation with Bernadette, but he fails with every subject Only when he badmouths his mother do they find a mutual subject they can complain about. Leonard and Penny just watch in astonishment

In Stuart's comic book store, the finals are taking place. Sheldon and Wil Wheaton fight each other mercilessly in a duel, and Sheldon is on the brink of winning. Then Sheldon tells him of his childhood disappointment. Wil Wheaton, however, informs him of his granny's funeral, to which he had to go. Sheldon is moved, and can play nothing but the Enchanted Bunny. He has thereby lost. Raj can not believe it. Wil Wheaton triumphs because he has tricked Sheldon Sheldon is beside himself and he screams so loudly that the whole planet can hear him.